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From the same trolls that parachute into my radio show chatroom to create mayhem, leave a stink and generally act like the Obamabot pains in the asses they are, comes this email. We suspect they’re paid minimum wage by the Obama regime to drop turds wherever they can.  Probably a dime a drop. Get a load of this load:

To whom may I send press releases re: the “ANTI-birthers” community?

Fm: Bill Bryan wlbryan@wlbryan.net
12:28 PM (2 hours ago)

I own the #1 anti-birther website on the planet: www.thefogbow.com. We are a community of people who debunk the lies of the birther movement. 

You may read about me and the anti-birthers at the Miami Herald, the Huffington Post and the Raleigh News & Observer.

You have written about the birthers in the past, and I’d like to send you occasional (rare) press releases when we have information to share, such as our debunking of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s July 17 press conference:http://www.thefogbow.com/special-reports/arpaio-2-in-2d-the-shock-of-zullo

I can provide detailed debunking information regarding any birther claim, and we have a team of lawyers, psychologists, graphic experts, academics and other professionals for any interview you may wish to conduct.

If you are the wrong person to contact, would you please give me the name, email address and phone number of the correct person? Thank you for  any assistance you can provide.

One word, turds. “Yawn…”