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Palin’s Qualifications to Serve in White House Should Not Be Questioned

Lloyd Marcus, the Chairman of leading conservative group Campaign to Defeat Obama PAC released the following statement today in response to an ABC news report that former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized Sarah Palin’s qualifications to serve in the White House:

“To suggest that Sarah Palin does not possess the necessary qualifications to serve in the White House is ridiculous on its face. Ever since she was selected in 2008 by the Republican party’s nominee for president, then ratified by the GOP membership at the Republican Party convention, she has proven time and time again to be an extremely capable, inspiring and visionary leader.

“Palin has proven her mettle in the years since 2008.  She has become one of the most prominent and vocal leaders of the tea party movement, and her campaign efforts have single-handedly influenced the outcome of countless senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial elections because the American people believe in her leadership skills and trust her judgment.

They know that she knows a great leader when she sees one because she herself is a great leader.

“Contrast that with the disastrous record Barack Obama has compiled since 2008.  Obama has failed the people of this nation and brought harm to our economy, national defense and the American spirit.

Campaign to Defeat Obama Vice Chair Andrea Shea King concluded:

“Sarah Palin will never be the safe choice of the GOP establishment blue bloods.

“In bucking the ‘good old boys’ throughout her entire career and proving that she could rack up accomplishments and make big differences —  as both an executive in office and a citizen activist and Tea Party leader — she has proven she is more valuable than the whole lot of them.

“Sarah Palin’s record and leadership abilities speak for themselves and anybody would do better to emulate them than to marginalize themselves by taking swipes at her.”

“The Left and their allies in the media will always try to personally malign conservatives for their own political purposes, but it is our responsibility to not only prevent ourselves from being sucked into these tricks and giving credence to these baseless attacks, but also to proactively fight back. This proud American conservative will not stand for these despicable sneering smears against Sarah Palin, and no conservative should.”