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Last September 4, just about a year ago, I was traveling with the Tea Party Express through Concord, NH, where we held a rally that featured presidential candidate Mitt Romney. After speaking to a clutch of folks and media standing amid a copse trees, Mitt and Ann Romney made their way thru the crowd of well-wishers, shaking hands all the way to the black suburban that awaited them.

As they climbed into the car, I made my way to the opposite open door and called his name — “Governor Romney!” He looked over and smiled. I snapped this photo and wished them good luck.

The photo was bathed in that yellow interior overhead light, so I’ve tweaked it a bit, giving it a kind of stylized look. This could be our next President and First Lady. No matter how tweaked the image is, it’s a damn sight better than any photo I’ve seen of the current First Family. Amen?

Oh, and guess who the fedora’d reporter on the ground — literally — is…

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