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The movie that hurt the feelings of the Islamists…


On Tuesday, Americans remembered the lives of those individuals who were mercilessly killed during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

But on the same day that the 11th anniversary of the tragedy was being remembered, two notable, anti-American events unfolded in the Middle East — in Egypt, Islamists tore down the American flag at the U.S. embassy and, in Libya, radicals burned down the U.S. consulate and killed a U.S. diplomat. These actions were taken, not as a result of the 9/11 anniversary, but in retribution for an obscure anti-Islam and anti-Prophet Muhammad film that was produced in America.

Sam Bacile, 56, the movie’s writer and director, has gone into hiding following the violent reaction to his film. An Israeli, Bacile lives in California and works in real estate development. While filmmaking isn’t his main source of income, he put together the inflammatory movie in an effort to expose negative attributes that he believes come from and are associated with the Islamic faith.

The self-described Israeli Jew told the Associated Press, from an undisclosed location, that Islam is a cancer and that the film was intended to make a political statement, while condemning Islam on the whole. The English-language movie spans two hours and is entitled, “Innocence of Muslims.” Bacile claims that more than 100 Jewish donors helped put up the $5 million to make the film, which has reached no measurable level of success, possible.

“This is a political movie,” Bacile told the AP. “The U.S. lost a lot of money and a lot of people in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re fighting with ideas.”



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