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Charlotte from SoCal sends this:

The real story behind the entire Benghazi LIES is that Stevens was consorting with Turkish envoy, trying to facilitate transfer of U.S. weapons given to Libyan rebels. CIA was conducting this entire program, but Al-Qaeda groups got wind of it and that’s why they assaulted our team in Benghazi.

The administration is attempting to keep that secret from coming out.

[This may be what Ulsterman’s W.H. Insider means by remaining watchful over these next 48 hours. BIG NEWS could break that unmasks this entire W.H. + CIA plot.

Remember this! – Petraeus was the ONLY Intel official who went before the House Cmte and alluded to the ‘possibility’ that the attack was due to the YouTube video. Why Petraeus? Because the entire plan was being run by his CIA!]

BBC News – Russia: Syria rebels have US-made weapons