Dr. Shawn Greener writes:

The Recipient class won out over the producer class yesterday.

There are harsh and historic economic consequences for said victory.  Asked for donations?  “Since Obama won I can’t.”

Asked to purchase anything non essential or not from fellow conservatives, for the movement or your preparations for survival?  “I’m sorry, I’d really like to buy this or that, but since Obama was re elected, I can’t.”

If you’re a conservative business owner and asked for a job by a liberal prospect?  “I’m sorry, I’d like to hire you but since Obama was elected, I can’t.”

Buy only from conservative companies.  Hire only conservatives.

Cancel your liberal TV programming.  Break the back of the biased media outlets.  Bankrupt them.

Do not buy from liberal sponsors of programs, and call the sponsors and tell them, “I’d like to watch that program or movie and patronize your business, but since Obama was elected, I just cannot.”

We must create conservative exchanges of commerce and patronize only conservative businesses.

Pressure liberal AND conservative elected officials on every bill, every legislative bill… We must exert overwhelming influence in an ongoing basis, ad infinitum.  Relentless pressure.

Benghazi?  Draw the whole truth to the surface and use OUR media to get that story out to the people, all the people. Pressure.  Unrelenting pressure.

Slumber in shifts.  Work in teams.

Unions? Your leaders helped do this to America.  If you do not support them, root them out, run them out.  Reclaim your union for good.

These are indeed barefoot in the snow days.

The II Revolution has begun.

Though our feet be bare, our feet bloodied and cold…  We march onward.  We will not relent.  We will not surrender.

It IS all up to us.

Dr. Shawn