“This is The Night of the Long Knives. The Obama Putsch regime is consolidating power and is purging the flag officer corps of everyone they feel threatened by, and who aren’t 100% loyal to the oligarchs personally. This is probably just the beginning, and it is textbook. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Saddam, all totalitarian regimes are constantly eliminating people who could spill the beans on the top-level oligarchs.”Ann Barnhardt

Glenn Beck on his radio show today further dissected the Petraeus scandal.  Are you listening? “People are being fed this information, discrediting the military…”

“This is not happening by happenstance. This is all to delay and distract and discredit — testimony about Benghazi.  Why isn’t anyone asking the question “Why didn’t the president know about the affair?  That his CIA director was having an affair?  Eric Holder knows and doesn’t tell the president of the United States?”

Here’s what Beck has said up to today.  There’s more to come.  The Blaze.com

During Tuesday’s broadcast, Glenn Beck delved into the developing sex scandal involving David Petraeus, former director of the CIA. The former four-star general resigned his CIA post last week after acknowledging an extramarital affair.

However, the timing of his resignation — just days before he was scheduled to testify before Congress about the Benghazi terrorist attack — seems a little too coincidental, Beck explained.

“Petraeus was set to be the key witness in the Benghazi testimony this week,” he said. “But wouldn’t you know it, the FBI…accidentally stumbled upon some private emails and determined that he was having an affair.”

“What are the odds?”

Watch Beck break down the scandal via TheBlazeTV here: