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How many of you think Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed JFK?

How many just don’t care, brushing it off as “old history”?

How many of you might be shocked to learn this was an internal coup d’etat, perpetrated by top CIA, military-industrial complex types and a craven politician trying to save his hide from scandal?

Who was involved in this coup d’etat? and why is it still relevant today?

You have to ask???

Kennedy researcher Robert Morrow joins us tonight at 9p ET to share what his research has revealed – and why it’s more important than ever that you know what some in our government are capable of.


Meanwhile, 49 years ago today…
(Originally published Nov. 23, 2012)

November 23, 1963
While the slain President Kennedy’s body lay in repose in East Room of White House, the newly sworn in president Lyndon B. Johnson declares November 25th to be a national day of mourning.

“Senator Lyndon Johnson in the early 1950’s was one of just a mere handful of congressional overseers of the CIA – this is a little known fact and extremely important. When I think of LBJ, I think of inner circle CIA for a very long time. Lyndon Johnson in the 1950’s was the single most important congressional appropriator/overseer of the military-industrial complex.”
— Robert Morrow, JFK Assassination Researcher

Who killed JFK and Why?

Robert Morrow joins us to share what his research has revealed  — and why it’s important that you know it.  Monday night at 9p ET on the Andrea Shea King Show.

You DON’T want to miss this.