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While doing an interview with New York Times Magazine chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich, actor Kevin Spacey of House of Cards showed canny political savvy of his own when he diplomatically avoided revealing his political views. Spacey plays Congressman Francis Underwood in the Netflix hit series.

Yay, Kevin. Smart move.

Here’s the question, followed by Kevin Spacey’s answer:

Q. “Your view of the political world now or in 2013– the world’s blowing up, nothing is getting done. You have any overriding message or lesson drawing from what you’re seeing today, or where do you see the country going?”

Kevin Spacey’s answer:

“This is the area where any time you actually start to talk about this sort of stuff, you come under such criticism for even opening your mouth about it. I think probably its better that I just let the experience that I’m having doing the House of Cards speak for itself.”