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I am SO feeling your pain and frustration.  As are many of us who have been in this fight for what seems like forever (13 years for me).

I do speak to my Congressional rep.  He gets it, understands that we are in peril, agrees with me and does whatever he can to push back against the machine (ex:  he was the ONLY member of congress to at least submit a bill requiring that all future candidates for president PROVE they meet Constitutional requirements for eligibility.  He got 11 co-signers, and the bill died when Pelosi ignored it.  He knows.  HE KNOWS.  But Congress is a club.  And if you’re not one to go along with the “in crowd”, you get sidelined and quickly become irrelevant.

As for my senators?  One of them is Bill Nelson, a longtime member of the ruling elite.  Writing to him and demanding/pleading/cajoling ANYTHING is a waste of my time.  And yet he continues to be re-elected by the dumb clucks because of his name recognition (he flew on the shuttle, remember?) and his Democratic money machine.

The other senator, Marco Rubio, is in the game.  Sometimes he swings and misses, sometimes he connects, but he is naive and has stumbled badly (ex:  Gang of 8 for Amnesty Reform).  I think his heart is in the right place, and if we can vote in more conservatives, he’ll stand with them.

I’ve travelled to Washington some half dozen times to participate in protest rallies.  I’ve lent my voice across the country with the Tea Party movement to rally Americans.  I’ve done radio interviews, written blogs, articles, Facebooked until my wrists are numb, hosted thousands of radio programs, and yet…

Ann Barnhardt wrote an excruciatingly painful piece the other day, expressing her utter frustration with America’s seeming somnolence.

As did the Christian Mercenary in one of his darkest and most discouraged moments.

Those of us — like yourself — who are in this and get what’s at stake, oftentimes feel the overwhelming frustration and anger that NOTHING is changing… that it’s only getting worse.

The latest outrage — treatment of our military and the Gitmo exchange are just more of “a History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” 

I wrote/said earlier this past week that even with all of these injuries and usurpations, we haven’t yet reached the tipping point as a nation where we are willing — and forced — to do something about it. SOMETHING.  But it is coming.  Men — and women — sheepdogs — know and are preparing.  We are in the spring of 1774… and the atrocities and outrages are building… eventually it WILL be April 1776, and we will find ourselves on a Lexington Concord green, muskets and cannon at the ready.

And then…. and then, life as we know it will be over, changed forever. 

We plead and argue and beg our fellow Americans to DO something.  We pound our representatives on Capitol Hill to DO something.  I fear it is too late but I suspect we’ll know for sure on November 5th.

But even then…

Listen to Glenn Beck enumerate the injustices and usurpations — the lies we’re all being told.  And you think it won’t explode in a conflagration?

I know there are others who are spoiling for this fight. Eager to get it on. “Come and Take it” is their mantra. “Bring it!”

Are you ready? Do you see what’s coming?