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Obama is doing what he’s being told to do by his handlers. Obama is being paid handsomely with perks and promises to do what he’s been put in place to do. Taking the slings and arrows is what comes with the job, as he’s fully aware.

His handlers have/are protecting him with firewalls set up by the Attorney General (DoJ), The Supreme Court (Sotomayor, Roberts, Kagan, Ginsburg), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (nuclear option & other parliamentary tricks).

The shitstorms Obama has had (and will continue) to endure are all part of the arrangement. He and his lovely wife Moochelle both knew it going in and signed the contract. They are being handsomely paid now and the future.

Obama and Moochelle Antoinette are the cutouts for much bigger powers than themselves. They are the hired hands who have been given golden parachutes, once they’ve done the job they were put in place to do: destroy our economy, our military, our independence… America.

So, when you point to Obama and blame him for it all, remember this: he’s just doing his job.

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