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OK. I’ve been a Glenn Beck fan since his days in Tampa. Since he did the Rally For The Troops tour. Since his days on CNN and later, on FOX — I watched faithfully. And I learned a great deal.

I attended Beck’s “Restoring Honor” event in DC, and his “Restoring Love” event in Dallas.

I’ve been a paying subscriber to TheBlaze since it started as GBTV.

And though I didn’t always agree with his stand on some issues, and especially his subservience to the obnoxious and popinjay (to use one of his words) Bill O’Bloviator — I have hung in there with him, believing that Beck offers more good than bad.

But this time, I think Glenn’s hearing voices that he’s mistaking for Divine Inspiration when it comes to what he’s doing about this illegal immigration crisis. In his effort to “do the right thing” with a Christian heart, he’s jumped the shark.

It saddens me to see Glenn taking this course of action. I believe he’s deeply misguided in his approach.

Therefore, I am not contributing a dime to Mercury One, nor am I particularly interested in listening to him, or watching his 5pm show on TheBlaze. I’ve lost my appetite for Glenn right now.

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has posted his thoughts about Beck’s efforts. I agree with his assessment, especially about how Beck is labeling us “Right Wing” . Really, Glenn? Really? I’m deeply offended.

“Glenn Beck joined Bill O’Reilly last night to talk about his planned border visit and the “angry death threats” he’s gotten from conservatives for doing so. Beck said he understands the anger, but insisted he has a “responsibility to God” to put aside politics and help people in need.”

Beck said he’s raised $1.8 million dollars so far, but acknowledges the frustration many have with the broken immigration system. He said there are “some people [that] believe that I’m just gonna make things worse” and even “encouraging people to come here.”

Beck told O’Reilly that yes, he’s getting threats from the far-right, but politics don’t matter here because “it’s evil what’s happening to these children.” O’Reilly agreed with Beck’s cause and said he would donate as well.

Here’s where and why I think Beck is seriously wrongmisguided in his approach.

glenn-beck-rally-pic_550x310First off, knock it off with the “right wing threats” talking points.  The transparency of pity is obvious and it only plays into the hands of the liberals who will say “look, even Glenn Beck says the right wingers are hateful people“.   Just stop that.

That nonsense looks like, and is used in exactly the same deflective/divisive way as, Eric Holder proclaiming opposition to him and the President is based on race.  Just stop that nonsense.

However, all of that is small ball issues.   The larger issue is one of misplaced intentions.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see President Obama using the term “faith-based charities” to understand what is being presented.    It’s the same shtick with Democrats and their “drag-in-the-preacher-guy-before-a-legislative-debate” nonsense.

Neither Obama nor Nancy Pelosi give a hoot about religion, faith or charity.   To them these are political constructs housed in the same armory as other shields like “racism”, “the War On Women”, “The One Percent” and “working class”.

They will take down the sword of ridicule, strike with the axe of marginalization, while simultaneously hiding behind the religious shield as they’re en route to the DNC convention where they will thrice deny God in their platform.

pelosi and preistspelosi and pope

So does it really strike as, well, less than sanctimonious, to put a preacher at the bully pulpit while obfuscating your demand for abortion, or removal of God -in any form- from public society.

Yes, the Dem lo-fo’s buy it every time – whatever.   The problem for Beck Inc. is that we ain’t lo-fo’s, and we can actually carry out a journey of logic, to it’s unsurprising conclusion in the land of consequence, prior to departure.

Sometimes ya’ gotta call the baby ugly – because Gerber this is not.

Read the whole thing. I am curious to know what YOU think?