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Watching FOX News Sunday – Chris Wallace’s interview with Mitt Romney.

Here’s my take on it:

The establishment republicans / Faux News (but then I repeat myself) trot him out, saying it’s because of the “buzz” about Mitt.

May I ask, “WHAT buzz?’

Who’s talking about him? Who’s excited about what Mittens has to say?

Answer: The Establishment Ruling Elite who want you to believe that because they intend to draft him into the nomination yet again. Why? Because they are desperate — and determined — to prevent a Rand Paul or a Ted Cruz from taking over the White House.

THAT would be toxic to the Karl Rove/Roger Ailes crowd . Paul and Cruz are not their guys. They’re not likely to be controlled by the GOP RINOs. It would wreak havoc with the Establishment’s game plan. God forbid!

So… they’re building a machine to move Romney back into the public eye, positioning him as a “Strong Voice” against Obama’s policies. And FAUX News is their vehicle.

I spent most of 2012 on the road campaigning for Romney. I rode a bus wrapped with his face (alongside Paul Ryan’s) for a solid month, desperately encouraging residents in the upper tier swing states to support Romney/Ryan.


When we as a team gathered to watch the first debate, we were SO excited! Romney was showing some cojones! YAY! We were encouraged and energized!

But it was short lived. In the 2nd debate Romney let Obama and Candy Crowley walk all over him.

He NEVER brought up the ONE thing that would have demolished Obama: BENGHAZI. He showed the nation that he was a milquetoast, something we suspected, but now saw as proof positive.

So… NOW he does? NOW he’s asked by propaganda puppet Chris Wallace about his views on Benghazi?


Question for you: WHY DIDN”T ROMNEY DO THAT IN Debates #2 and #3? Where was he with his “strong opinions” when it counted? When it mattered? When we were screaming at the TV for him to swing and take a solid punch at that arrogant mug?

We repudiated Romney in ’12. Millions of conservatives refused to vote for Romney. Despite our (Campaign to Defeat Obama PAC) best efforts, constitutional patriots saw right through him.

Just as I see right through this blatant attempt by the GOP / FAUX NEWS machine to set up Romney for another run.

Watch and learn.