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Iran nuclear deal much worse than experts predicted – A Historical Mistake

Obama and Kerry crossed every one of their own red lines
BY  Paul Vallely (MG, US Army Ret)

July 15, 2015

paul-vallely-530x298I have had the opportunity over the past 12 years to be a member of the Iran Policy Planning Group and have engaged in a positive manner the members of the Iran Opposition who defected from Iran after the Shah fell. My heart and soul yearned with them that the tyrannical government under the ayatollahs would be replaced by a democratic government. But that has never happened. All we have seen is an evil and radical Islamic regime gain in strength over the years and support international terrorism, torture and murder of its own people and others throughout the world. Can you only imagine what chaos and turmoil they will create with an expanded and stronger Armed Forces and with a nuclear capability that can reach any target by air, land and sea launched weapons? This is an historical mistake and misguided global strategy.

nucleardealstatements0715-promoThe Iranians, Russians, and our White House and State Dept. are all very happy though, that alone should scare the hell out of any logical thinking human.
Aiding and abetting an enemy (and Iran is an enemy) of the United States is a treasonous offense under the Constitution.

Will Congress Stand its ground? I seriously doubt it but I am hopeful!


The “Joint Comprehensive Plan”(JCP) – also known as the “Iran Deal” among the media outlets – is dangerous for America’s security and demonstrates a true disconnect from reality by those who work towards its implementation.

Disconnected from Reality

signed statement Iran Deal copy
In section (ii) of the Preamble of the JCP states:  “The full implementation of this JCPOA will ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme.”  This level of delusion reveals a White House and State Department which are devoid of any capability for reasonable thought, or a White House and State Department which are intentionally opening America up to grave danger – even more so than already exists. Since 1979, Iran has called for the destruction of America and Israel.  We need not look any further than the Iranian Constitution for all we need to know – as if the constant barrage of “Death to America” for the last 36 years isn’t enough.

In the first substantive paragraph after the “Preamble,” the Iranian Constitution reads:

Imam Khomeini’s crushing protest against that American plot, The White Revolution, which was a step taken with a view to strengthening the foundations of the despotic regime and consolidating Iran’s political, cultural and economic links with World Imperialism, was the motive force behind the united uprising of the nation.”

Enshrined in Iran’s Constitution is hatred for America.  This has not been amended by the way.  Later in the Iranian Constitution we read:

In the organization and equipping of the countries defense forces, there must be regard for faith and religion as their basis and rules. And so the Islamic Republic’s army, and the corps of Revolutionary Guards must be organized in accordance with this aim. They have responsibility not only for the safeguarding of the frontiers, but also for a religious mission, which is Holy War (JIHAD) along the way of God, and the struggle to extend the supremacy of God’s Law in the world.”

‘Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of God and your enemies, and others beside.’  (Quran 8:60)”

death to copyWe see in the above portion of Iran’s Constitution their foundational document calls for Jihad to “extend the supremacy of God’s law (sharia) in the world” followed by a quote from the Koran with which we are all familiar – “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies…”. Only a few months ago, the Supreme Leader of Iran spoke to a crowd of his people while they shouted “Death to America” and then agreed with them saying America was the cause of the pressure on Iran today. Do our leaders actually believe Iran is working and will work in “good faith” to only use nuclear power for the cause of good when it openly states the nation exists to extend the rule of Islam across the planet?

yellowcake copyDangerous

Besides the obvious dangers of allowing Iran to have nuclear power to begin with, there are many other key areas that must be highlighted in the JCP which are foolhardy and dangerous including:

(1) the lifting of economic sanctions which will provide Iran with billions of dollars for their global jihad;

(2) lifting of sanctions on individuals identified as associated with the nuclear program including Qassem Suleimani, the leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. If anyone should not have more free room to move, it is this guy.

The JCP goes on to remove all sanctions on equipment for aircraft and other mechanical/technical gear, as well as petroleum and related products.

Additionally, the international cabal behind this project also makes clear that American states and locales better not try to protect itself by meddling in this process:

“If a law at the state or local level in the United States is preventing the implementation of the sanctions lifting as specified in this JCPOA, the United States will take appropriate steps, taking into account all available authorities, with a view to achieving such implementation.” (para 25)


The United States government has given a country which has clearly and openly declared its commitment to global jihad in it’s Constitution and elsewhere a free pass to billions of dollars, open trade to prepare itself for the coming war, and all it needs to get the nuclear weapons it longs for.

Surrender or Success!