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Our new radio program debuted on Saturday, August 8th. The hour-long show is LIVE every Saturday morning at 8:05 Eastern time at RedStateTalkRadio.com (Studio A).

Our panelists are William Palumbo of New York, and Mary Fanning of Chicago, co-founders of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a group of retired military, law enforcement, analysts, and journalists who are focused on exposing the Muslim Brotherhood and other seditious forces in the United States.

Also, Wallace Bruschweiler of Florida, active with intelligence and counter-terrorism on four continents for three decades. Fluent in four languages, and an expert on national security issues with over 30 years experience operating in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

And Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of Oklahoma, writer and publisher of The Noisy Room.net and researcher with author Trevor Loudon of Key Wiki, a website dedicated to exposing the covert activities of American politicians. Monroe-Hamilton is also the editor of Loudon’s books “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.

Our discussion this week focused on several topics:

Louis Farrakhan’s call for a race war and the death of all whites just ahead of his anniversary conclave for the Million Man March. It’s called #JusticeOrElse.

US officials tell NBC News that Russia launched a “sophisticated cyberattack” against the Pentagon’s Joint Staff’s unclassified email system.

The Obama and Kerry legacy. And their Iran Nuclear Deal. Obama is making phone calls to supporters and asking them to get the word out to Congress.  He’s hardly given up and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is putting out statements indicating that they believe they achieve the numbers they need.

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s announcement that he would NOT support the Deal — a good sign, or kabuki theater to fool his Jewish constituents, thus saving his Senate career and certain ascendancy to the leadership position upon Harry Reid’s retirement.

Planned Parenthood. 13 states have launched investigations. After failing to move to a vote in the Senate last week, will Congress take up the defunding issue again?

The first GOP 2016 Presidential debate took place this week. Seventeen republican candidates vying for the nomination participated in two separate forums – was it informative or a “Bash Trump reality show”? Who lost?  Fox News?

The program begins at 8:05 on the player.  We hope you’ll take a listen, and if you like what you hear, tune in next Saturday at 8 am ET for another edition!


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