Wit and sage Dave Perkins posted this on his Facebook page just moments ago — it’s fresh and I’m bringing it to you, piping hot with truth.

Clear eyes, folks.

Hillary was the worst candidate ever. Her personal appearances were shockingly low in attendance. Her bus tour with Kaine was cancelled because nobody showed up at the first few stops. NOBODY.

Trump drew tens of thousands at every appearance. Hillary mostly drew a few hundred, occasionally a couple of thousand, and sometimes dozens.

WORST. CANDIDATE. EVER. No message, no charisma, no personal emotional contact with ANYONE.
And yet…. AND YET…. we were FORTUNATE in the things that happened during the campaign, fortunate at the self inflicted wounds and the perception of illness and the little bit of help from Julian Assange… or else she would have WON.

Forget about complaints of illegal alien votes, of cheating, dead people, unpaged voter rolls, people voting multiple times or in more than one state… forget all that.

Because even without it, this country is now officially half gone. And here’s the reason–

Conservatives are believed, REALLY BELIEVED, to be racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, and wishing to return America to pre civil rights days if not pre emancipation days.

Until that carefully cultivated perception is dealt with (we need about a thousand Jim Brown confessions, on TV, every single day), we will lose when we thought we’d win, and when we DO win, it will be a fortunate confluence of events rather than a triumph.

Vast numbers of ordinary Americans believe this about us, and are also too polite (or perhaps nervous about having the conversation) to actually admit it to us. But their votes go left, because they can’t vote for KKK people, can’t vote for gay bashers, etc etc etc.

It isn’t that they disagree with us; they DISLIKE us. And they’ve been so inoculated that they hear good solid conservative arguments that stand the test of time and DISMISS them because somehow there is nothing in them to help minorities, women, gays and so forth, and that is PROOF that we the authors and users of conservative arguments ARE everything they already believe we are.

When a liberal voter (not an activist, that’s for a different post) claims to disagree with conservatives, there is always that deep fear and dislike percolating down below the surface, not admitted except either in a closed room or surrounded by reinforcements, people who believe as they do.

If you think they don’t like us, you’re right. Just remember, it’s about what they believe we are.

They don’t hear good arguments and defenses of policy or goals.

They hear us in their heads saying over and over again, “n*gg*r, f*gg*t, b*tch, k*ke, w*p, ch*nk” etc.

They think we are the guys who run Porky’s.

How do we overcome that? So far, so good. Education, activism, etc. But I think a lot of us don’t really understand what we are up against.

Trump’s win was important, but it wasn’t a blowout. It was half and half, vote wise. Hillary draws a hundred people at appearances, and wins half the votes in the general? No.
They weren’t voting for her; they were voting AGAINST US.