This was written and posted by Michael Irizabal on his Facebook page.

Call it your lesson in Continuing Education.

To my non Cuban friends.

I have been getting some questions about why people are so happy about an old man dying. To people who are not of Cuban decent, its not a clear picture. You were not brought up on stories of how Great Cuba was, you were not brought up on stories of how beautiful Cuba was, you were not brought up on stories of all the horrors and injustices your family faced at the hands of this old man. You don’t know what its like to have freedom taken from you.

So let me explain it like this.

Imagine that someone took power in this country who was not elected. Nobody voted for him, he just came with men with machine guns and made himself the supreme ruler and everything he said was now law. Imagine a bunch of armed men with machine guns come to your house tonight and inform you that YOUR house which you worked to buy for 30 years, is no longer yours. It is now the property of The State aka the old man, and you have one hour to GET OUT, leaving all the personal belongings you cant carry with you….you get moved into a 1 bedroom apartment by force.

Then imagine when you go to the bank tomorrow, the bank informs you that your life savings, is no longer yours. ALL YOUR MONEY is now property of the State aka the old man. So every penny you have worked hard for, has been taken from you and if you complain at the bank, the nice men with machine guns will be more than happy to either arrest you, or take you somewhere and put a bullet in you. So now you are homeless and penniless….you go to your place of business to try to make some money .

Well guess what?? The lovely men with machine guns come to your business, they inform you that the business your family has owned for 30 years, the business they put their blood sweat and tears into……well that business is no longer yours and its now property of The State aka the old man.

So now you have no money, no business, no home…..and if you are overheard to complain about this BULLSHIT, you will disappear to prison for 20 years or taken somewhere and shot. You no longer have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom to listen to certain music, freedom to say or do ANYTHING the old man doesnt want you to….and his list of DONTS is fcking miles long… you have family members “disappear” with out a trace…somehow you find out they have been imprisoned simply cause someone “said” they said something against the old man..or, worse you hear of others being shot, all with out trial with and with out due process,….. simply cause someone says they were “bad”, by the way ..anyone the old man doesnt like, is bad….

So you say “fuck this” im leaving. But how? with what money? and where will you go? This is the ONLY country you have ever known. So some how someway your family scrapes up money they had hidden from the old man to get you a plane ticket out of this shit hole.

The day comes, you are leaving for ever. But the whole time you are shitting your pants, if ANYONE finds out you are not coming back, you will be imprisoned as will your family, the old man doesnt like people who leave him. So weeks of sleepless nights finally comes to the day you are leaving. You get to the airport. The men with machine guns are everywhere. They search you, they question you, where are you going? why are you going?..of course you have to lie and say you are going to visit a sick aunt and you will be back in a couple weeks.

The men with machine guns have you and your wife sitting in a room, they are going through your luggage. You cant have ANY of your valuables, jewelry , etc with you.or they will know you arent coming back. So you have to leave all your valuables that you originally had to hide from the old man, behind with family. MOst of it has already been taken anyway. So they are pulling out your wife’s panties and smelling them, they are searching her as they wish, and you have to sit there and take it….for one word from them and you dont leave any where, you go to prison…….one of the guys with the machine guns tells you to take off your gold chain and watch given to you by your father… he puts it in his pocket and lets you go.

You finally board the plane. Your ass is puckered. The only money you have in the world was placed secretly inside the heel of your shoes.. a whopping $100 to start a new life in a country where you dont even speak the language. The men with machine guns come on the plane. They walk around, taking things from people, and occasionally taking people off the plane, those people, dont return.

Finally the men with machine guns get off the plane and you take off……… land in a new country, to begin your life again. To work hard,to TRY to regain any little bit of wealth you might have had….you work and live in a new country NEVER to return to your homeland, never to see your family again, never to see your home, your things, your dreams you had left behind……… tell me…………would you be happy if you found out the old man died??