On a very personal note…

I had a conversation this morning with my broker who manages my retirement account. Our conversations are always lively, political, and probing.  Though he is a devout Christian conservative, his intel/info sources (financial periodicals, CNBC) lead him to predict Hillary will win the election.

I took issue with him, pointing to a movement that’s sweeping across America AND Europe that tells me things are about to change, moving in our direction.  I explained that the Tea Party movement never went away.  It evolved into what we now see as the Monster Movement propelling a most unlikely candidate to the nomination, but one who shares our love of country and a deep concern for what’s been done to it.

Listening now to Rush Limbaugh, he’s quoting from a piece by Selena Zito in today’s NY Post that — if I didn’t know better — would swear she had been listening to our conversation.

Here’s the relevant part of her essay (in which, by the way, she predicts a Trump loss):

“…Today’s populist backlash began in 2009 with the rise of the Tea Party movement, whose own attempt to “make America great again” focused on constitutional restoration. Much of the media sneered at that movement, using the sexual innuendo of “tea baggers” and dismissing critiques of Obama’s Affordable Care Act as naïve.

“The Tea Party movement arose spontaneously, without any centralized structure, said Sracic: “Because of this, it seemed to be dissolving [on its own]. But the anger, and the sense that things weren’t right, simmered beneath the surface.”

“Enter Trump. His connection to the Tea Party wasn’t obvious. After all, he seems barely aware of the text of the Constitution.

“Perhaps, however, the Constitution was more of a symbol of the America that had been lost than anything else,” said Sracic.

“And Trump offered a confident message that all could be made right. He began with a promise to build a wall, to establish a solid border that would help to define “America.” He also promised to sever the ties that bind the global economy — free-trade agreements like NAFTA.

“Trump is unlikely to win this election, and is even less likely to be able to institute the changes he desires even if he were to win,” said Sracic.

“What will this mean for Nov. 9, the day after the election?

“A Trump defeat will be incredibly difficult for his supporters to accept. Not that all of them admire him as a person — but this has never really been about him.

“Instead, it has been about what he represents: pushing back against what those supporters see as nothing less than the end of the United States as they know it.”

Zito is right.  If we lose this election to Hillary Clinton, we will sink into a funk so deep to be matched only by the sinking of our nation.  I shudder at the thought.  If we can’t — if we don’t — win this time, I fear we never will.