WARNING: The shackles are off!


Warning: The Shackles Are Off!
OCTOBER 14, 2016

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo

Disclaimer: Like many pundits, despite the unusually dire times and unprecedented corruption in government, we have maintained a definite restrained tone (with great effort) through the duration of the Obama administration.  While it is usually sound advice not to show emotion in written journalism, we believe that if there was ever a time for candor, that time is now.

The Media Has the media bias ever been so blatant?  Is the Republican fifth column even trying to disguise themselves anymore?  Have you ever seen a show trial in the USA such as the second presidential debate?  … the “three-on-one” – the leftist ménage-a-trois dead set against the one man standing up for sanity on the national and international stage?

The Shackles This week, following a brazen betrayal by the newsworthy reprobate Paul Ryan, Donald Trump said “the shackles have been taken off me.”  Note well that he did not say the more familiar “the gloves are off;” for taking off gloves calls to mind boxing, which is truly a gentlemanly sport.  “Shackles” are not for gentlemen – they’re for slaves.

We are less than a month away from the most consequential election in generations.  And slaves are what we’ll be rendered if it goes wrong.  Not only will the election decide the fate of the United States, if not the free world.  It will decide whether the United States remains part of the free world.  Consider: Obama has ignored our Constitution for the last eight years; if Hillary appoints the next justices, its death will be official (and “legal”).  Say goodbye to the Bill of Rights.  Laws criminalizing speech exist in much of the world – why should we remain unique?  The same is equally true for second amendment gun rights.

Rampant Stupidity Four more years implementing the current agenda spells doom across society – debt, terrorism, illegal immigration, lawlessness, rampant stupidity, stultifying regulations, and an “economy” without a pulse.  An uninterrupted leftist government for another term means a permanent voting majority – a true “one-party state,” a dictatorship – or worse, Bolshevism.  Mass immigration will forever alter the demographics, and the idea of America will be extinguished by continued brainwashing.*

Let’s be blunt:  Hillary’s candidacy does not even pass the laugh test.  She was and should still be under investigation by the FBI for mishandling classified information.  People who were working in national security and intelligence who committed similar offenses to hers are today spending time behind bars.  They are asking themselves: Why me, and not her?  Answer: Because Hillary is above the law.

The FBI’s phony recommendation not to prosecute aside, everybody with half a brain understands that the server was set up so Hillary could sell her influence at the State Department for personal profit.  Hence: the Clinton Foundation scandal, the two-faced policy positions, and the Clintons’ unexplainable wealth amassed since leaving the White House through corruption at the highest political levels.

Hillary’s an excellent, competent crook, but a totally incompetent leader.  She does very well for herself, but terribly for our country.  Despite the fact that she is blatantly pathological, and decades’ worth of reporting to prove it, the shabby media attacks Donald Trump for offensive comments on an eleven year old tape.

The Fifth Column Not one to take a challenge to their world-class disrepute lying down, the fifth column in the feckless Republican Party sided with Hillary and the majority of the national media.  Paul Ryan and multiple contemptible colleagues (the so-called RINOs) finally proved once and for all that they were never serious in opposing Obama.  What’s four more Obama years, right Paul?

Indeed, the only reliable ally that Trump has – other than his millions of normal (and deeply concerned) supporters – is Wikileaks.  To distract from the proof of Hillary’s criminality offered by Wikileaks, the administration conjures up an imaginary enemy in the bogeyman, a.k.a. Russia.  Yet who’s to say Wikileaks isn’t fueled by insiders with access, not Russian or other hackers?  Statistically, more than 80% of organizational theft comes from inside sources.

The media, the establishment (in both parties), and their comrades are desperately trying keep us from trusting ourselves.  For them to win, we must accept their constant propaganda.  Trump’s truth, in the crudest form possible, is a threat to them and especially their pockets.

With all the forces lined up against him, it’s worth asking: has the enemy ever been so scared as they are of Donald J. Trump and the movement he has so successfully created?

* Nowadays we often hear of political “indoctrination,” but we prefer the precise, punchy, and historically correct word – brainwashing.  Josef Goebbels showed what was possible when the State controls the media.  He would be proud of the approach taken by today’s totalitarians in America.

NOTE: This article was originally published at USA TRANSNATIONAL REPORT.


By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot



    IF TRUMP LOSES THE REPUPPY PARTY IS FINISHED. EL TRUMPO SURELY STANDS ALONE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He is standing for all Americans. He does not pick and choose. He takes no bribes. I joked and said if he wants to win, all he has to say is: Elect me and I will only steal half of what the other guys are stealing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he visits every fly over state in the great 50. Real Americans love the little guy who stands against all odds and takes the beating then comes back to win. Both house and senate are repuppy controlled and they cry like babies saying they can’t stop Obama’s destruction of the nation.

    Trump will win alone even if we lose the house and senate. He will get the job done starting work at 3:00 am. That includes Benghazi 911 calls. You only have to ask yourself if you were in a foxhole who would you send back for Ammo? Trump, Hitlery, Match McConeel or Paul Rino. If he says he will help those trapped in demo commo ghettoes or struggling hardworking Latinos. They have a good shot. Like he says, what do you have to lose?

    Going back to Hitlery and her Rinos, who would you trust to carry the wounded back? Speaking of wounded. Did you know Obama covered up his casualties in Afghanistan all 17,000 and 1700 KIA’s. All hidden by the communist media. You know how they did it? They listed them as NATO troops to be identified later. Every casualty Bush had was listed by name. rank, town, age and their mom’s got NBC mikes in the face and the CNN question, How does it feel to know your son died under George Bush? We may not be fighting communism but we are dealing with communist tactics. Assassination by ridicule is a big one.

    Trump is our only answer. Bernie’s betrayed and Gary Johnson’s loyal supporters will be squashed by Hitlery. Join with the only guy who fights the entire establishment. Give your vote a chance.


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