When the news broke last night about what MSNBC and other media are calling “Trump Tapes”, I was initially dismayed. We’ve all known boys and men who never got beyond the juvenile city-boy locker room snickering about the female sex. Depending on our attitude, we either shrugged them off as jerks, or felt uncomfortable being referred to by our body parts and what they’d like to do to them.

It’s an icky feeling.

But I stayed with MSNBC, wanting to see how they are “reporting” this scandal du jour about Trump. And I am more sickened by their blatant push to bury Trump over this.

Not a word is said/reported/mentioned about the latest Hillary/Podesta Wikileaked documents. They rush to bring on Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a devout Mormon, who was first out the gate to repudiate and castigate Trump for his heinous comments (“heinous” in italics).

No one likes that side of Trump that’s frat boy vulgar, but I bet there are more men in America who can relate, than not. And what that says about our society I leave up to you to assess. But when I compare what Trump’s doing to all that Hillary and her pedorast husband have done, it pales in comparison.

Those who now say they will not vote for Trump because of this either
1) were really never going to vote for him anyway and/or
2) are unable to make the distinction between locker room boy talk and selling national security secrets and influence to nations that would and do us harm.

Trump is still getting my vote. The alternative is just too TOO heinous to consider.