Russiagate Timeline — 2015 – 2017


Mar-15 Trump Announces Exploratory Committee for Presidential Bid

Apr-15 Obama Admin Consolidates SigInt/ComInt Surveillance of Trump Campaign

Jun-15 Trump Announces Candidacy for President

Aug-15 Obama Admin Commences Regular Intel Reporting on Trump Campaign

Oct-15 GOP hires known CIA Affiliate Fusion GPS to create Opposition Research against Trump

Nov-15 Fusion GPS Leverages Local (DC & MD) Russian “Contacts” (spies) to Find Derogatory Information on Trump Campaign Personnel Creating Significant Gossip and Chatter Picked Up by Obama Admin Surveillance Team


Mar-16 Podesta Email Account Hacked from EU using common phishing scam

Apr-16 Former DoD Official Provides Clinton Campaign with Summaries of Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign

May-16 GOP Ends Relationship with Fusion GPS, Allows Fusion to Share Opposition Research with DNC/Clinton Campaign

Jun-16 Fusion GPS Briefs DNC/Clinton Campaign on Trump Opposition Research

Jun-16 DNC/Clinton Campaign Provides Fusion GPS with Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign

Jun-16 FBI is Provided with In-Progress Version of Dossier and is Tipped-off Regarding the Existence of the Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign and Commences Counter-Intel Investigation

Jun-16 DNC Server Files Related to Bias Against Candidate Bernie Sanders are Copied and Snuck Out of Building by DNC Insider

Jun-16 Guccifer 2.0 Take Credit for a Separate Breach of DNC Server to “Expose the Illuminati” using Ukrainian (CrowdStrike) Hacking Code. Financial, Donor and Opposition Research Materials are Released and Subsequently Provided to WikiLeaks

Jun-16 DNC Server Files (insider provided) Implicating DNC for Bias against Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders Provided to UK Amb for Delivery to WikiLeaks

Jun-16 Fusion GPS Dossier Confirms DNC Insider Leak of Information to WikiLeaks

Jul-16 Fusion GPS/DNC Enter Agreement to Extend Opposition Research using DNC Provided Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign

Aug-16 Fusion GPS Hires Orbis (UK/Ex-MI6) to use Russian Contact (spies) to Create “Dossier” and Expand/Validate DNC Provided Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign

Aug-16 FBI Denied Access to Investigate DNC Server Breach

Aug-16 CrowdStrike Hired to Cover-up DNC Insider Breach and Place Blame on Russian Federation

Sep-16 Orbis Briefs FBI (Comey/McCabe) on Trump Opposition Research

Oct-16 FBI Reviews Progress of Orbis Dossier and Offers to Assist with Expenses to Further the Opposition Research against Trump

Oct-16 Podesta Emails Provided to WikiLeaks for Further Distribution

Nov-16 John McCain is Provided Copy of Dossier After Tip from MI6 UK Contact

Nov-16 President Trump is Elected

Nov-16 Democracy Partners (Soros) and Other DNC Donors/Affiliates are Briefed on Dossier and Initiate “Refuse Fascism” and Other Anti-Trump Operations Based on Russian Manchurian Candidate Theme. Commence Initiative to Suspend Trump Inauguration Based on Pending Senate and Ongoing FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigations

Nov-16 CIA (Clapper) & FBI (Comey) Initiate Create Grizzly Steppe Report Blaming Podesta and DNC Leaks on Russian Federation and Sell it to other Intel Agencies

Dec-16 McCain Delivers Dossier Copy to Congress Intel Gang of Eight & FBI (Comey)

Dec-16 Obama Expels Russians Involved with Fusion GPS/Orbis Dossier Creation to Ensure this Aspect of its’ Province is Not Exposed

Dec-16 Leading GOP/DNC Senators Float Idea of Inauguration Suspension to Obama Administration Pending Completion of FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigation. They are Unaware the Source of the Dossier was Enhanced with Illegal Obama Admin Intel Reporting on Trump Campaign


Jan-17 ODNI Becomes Aware of Dossier Relationship to Obama Admin Intel Reports on Trump Campaign and Directs Termination of FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigation (Clapper/Comey/McCabe)

Jan-17 BuzzFeed Releases Dossier to Public

Jan-17 President Trump is Inaugurated

Jan-17 DOJ (Sally Yates, most likely unaware that Dossier contents has been fabricated using Obama
Admin Intel Reporting on Trump Campaign) Reauthorizes FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigation Against Trump Campaign