What better way to honor those who have given their last measure in defense of our country than to join in with those who are working hard to expose the truth about the traitors in our government?

George Webb, along with Jason Goodman (X-Men, The Amazing Spiderman) have teamed up in the investigation of Seth Rich’s death and the troubling trail it has taken them to.

As Goodman wrote, “If you haven’t been following George, you should be. I have recently joined his investigation and we are breaking news daily.

“George Webb set out 217 days ago in search of Eric Braverman, the missing former CEO of the Clinton foundation. The twisted path of the investigation has lead George to uncover a tangled mystery that includes an unprecedented infiltration into the Congressional IT department by Pakistani ISI and deep seeded corruption that may have ultimately resulted in the murder of Seth Rich.

“Who is Brendan Warren and why does he never seem to show up for his job at Lou’s City Bar? Did he put Seth Rich into a cab on that fateful night of July 9? Was he the last person to see Seth alive?”

The duo are uncovering so much info it is a challenge to keep up with their video reports coming out almost hourly.

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We are legion. We are mighty. We are The People. And we owe our best efforts to honor those who have shed blood for us and our flag.