On June 15th, Navy Jack tweeted the following thread:

“The brazen redefinition of Mueller’s task tells  you how arrogant the Deep State is and how confident it is it can get away with anything.” — Newt Gingrich

Comey has no idea that McCabe and Rosenstein colluded on getting him fired because Comey would not proceed with the plans against @POTUS.

They planned on using Mueller from the start to enable the #RussiaGate investigation to morph into a larger probe because their collusion allegations came up empty. #DeepState in Kalorama.

Comey did this on his own as a form of personal retaliation against Trump. The really sad part is that both men were played by McCabe and Rosenstein.

Comey intended to wind down the Russia investigation since it had not come up with any evidence. Comey had hoped by doing so Senator @ChuckGrassley would end his pursuit of trying to find out how Comey’s good friend, Chis Steele at Orbis, had become involved in the creation of the Russian Dossier.

The “hope for Flynn” memo was a bonus and guaranteed the assignment of Mueller as Special Council.

Even without the “hope for Flynn” memo (whether it really exists or not), McCabe would be free with Rosenstein’s authorization to continue the Russian collusion investigation indefinitely.

This would hopefully hold the @POTUS and Jeff Sessions at bay over the illegal activities McCabe could be prosecuted for discussed above.

Now, with a special council assigned, these investigations can subpoena documentation and make inquiries into areas completely unrelated to the Russian collusion or obstruction allegations. The leak regarding Mueller looking into the obstruction issue was done to prevent @POTUS from terminating Mueller.

There is no way to know if this leak is true or not. It really does not matter either way.

The threat is that if @POTUS fires him now that he may be personally under investigation it could really be viewed as obstruction.


Whether Mueller can find anything that could be used against the @POTUS is unknown as well.

In the meantime the leaks will continue from McCabe and others close to the investigation.

I believe that the @POTUS must confirm the accuracy of the Mueller obstruction leak. If false, terminate Mueller immediately. If true,

Jeff Sessions will have to amend his recusal to exclude any obstruction investigation and terminate Mueller based on his personal relationship with the key witness, James Comey.

He should at that point also remove McCabe for the undisclosed $675K and use it to expose the collusion with Rosenstein under a grant of immunity.

The only down-side to this is since we are dealing with the Clintons, McCabe may decide that whatever penalties come from his actions at the FBI are not as severe as what the Dixie Mafia would impose. Tough call.