In his Twitter feed on June 11th, NAVY JACK tweeted the following:

The Conservative Treehouse:  The Entire Deep State DC Institutional Apparatus Knew President Trump Was Not Under Investigation…

Over the past 3 weeks we have learned a lot about #DeepState. What we’ve learned is frightening.

Not only did virtually all of Congress know that the news media “Russian collusion” allegations had no merit, they also knew Trump was never the target of any investigation.

All of them soaked up the MSM news coverage, hyped their congressional hearings and
seeded the imagination of the viewers with uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of the election itself.

This is your Congress. Both Republican & Democrat. It’s almost as if they are working together against the President, because they are.

So, in addition to the #NeverTrump GOP, the Obama holdovers and the not so loyal NSC and Cabinet picks, virtually all of Congress is also a source of opposition to the President.

We’ve covered how the RNC & DNC coordinate their activities against President Trump.

We’ve covered in detail the reasons why #DeepState exists.

We covered the sinister relationships between #DeepState and the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have covered virtually every angle of the #RussiaGate conspiracy.

What comes next is an understanding of just how dangerous the situation is for the President and anyone that supports him.

Every day the @POTUS takes a step forward to #DrainTheSwamp, those around him take steps to replace the lost comrade.

At this pace, the swamp will remain an institutional crime syndicate for the foreseeable future.

The James Comey side-show took the balance of the news coverage over the past week.

All we really learned is what we already knew; Mr. Comey, like so many others is just another criminal.

We learned that no matter how many times testimony is provided that confirms the truthfulness of the President’s statements the MSM will never admit they were wrong.

We learned that even the President’s closest advisors, like Admiral Rogers and Dan Coats, will not cross the swamp to clear up these lies.

Yes, they like so many others, had the opportunity to speak up to put the #RussiaGate collusion stories to rest, but they didn’t.

They, along with Mr. Pompeo, continue to over-sell the claims regarding #RussianHacking of the election.

This is no different than any of the other false narratives produced by our Government over the past decade.

False narratives like WMD in Iraq. “Organic” revolutions in the Ukraine, Egypt Libya and Syria. All perpetrated by #DeepState.

Millions of innocent people have died because of these false narratives; all sold to the American people to enable our Military and our financial resources to be used for conquest. #RussiaGate is exactly the same. Exactly.

All paid for with the blood of U.S. Service Members and your tax dollars.

#DeepState is truly evil.

By demonizing Russia, #DeepState was able to use the Syrian Chemical Weapons false narrative to attack Assad.

By demonizing Russia, #DeepState has been able to arm al Qaeda armies in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

By demonizing Russia, #DeepState seeks to destroy Russia just like it has destroyed all of its other conquests.

Imagine if Hillary had won. Imagine the horror she would have brought to Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

I know most of you that voted for President Trump did so because you wanted to Make America Great Again.

President Trump knew that in order to achieve this, he would first have to make America stop allowing Globalist Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood to use our economic and military might for conquest, domination and destruction.

By demanding that the Arab nations outlaw and move away from the Muslim Brotherhood, President Trump has challenged a dark and evil enemy.

They will strike back.

By challenging the reign of the CIA and our intelligence communities, President Trump has unleashed the same threat that both JFK and Reagan failed to conquer.

By challenging the permanent ruling class in DC, our Congress and Institutions, Donald Trump has caused a #Resistance movement involving nearly every branch of Government, every college and University.

A #resistance movement named the “purple revolution” that is more dangerous than any color revolution perpetrated by our Government in foreign lands.

I know many of you are confident that our President will succeed.

Honestly, unless his supporters get more involved fighting against the forces that have aligned against him, you are fooling yourself.

This battle will not be won on Twitter.

Like the many Patriots fighting to preserve your right to free speech, you too will have to leave the comfort and safety of your keyboard and join us on the field of battle.

You must be brave. Go to the town halls of your representatives and speak up. When you raise your voice in support of the President.

Prepare to be attacked. There is strength in numbers. Use your social media presence to find people to stand with you.

Not only do we have to demonstrate that we will not accept their false narratives of #RussianHacking & #RussiaGate, we have to demand an end to the illegal surveillance. We have to demand proof in place of political and pundit opinions.

We have to demand these representatives show respect for the people of this nation that elected this President.

You need to call them, write them and show up at their events. Get your voice, Trump’s voice, out to their audience.

Read the Lukewarm Defenders – The Conservative Treehouse

Get your talking points organized and go support your President.

We have to push the limits of free speech to ensure we are not silenced. Every day.

These are the things you can and must do to support your President.

If you try to do it on twitter or Facebook, you will only be telling the people who already believe as you believe things they probably already know.

In the end it won’t be President Trump that decides who wins or loses this battle; it will be you.

If we fail, the targeting of the Tea Party will look like child’s play compared to what will happen to those of us who dared to support President Trump against the forces of #DeepState and the Muslim Brotherhood.

God bless President Trump. God Bless America.

Remember JFK. He tried.

Remember Michael Hastings. He tried.

Remember Justice Scalia. He tried.

Let us not allow Donald Trump’s name to be added to the list of Patriots that tried and failed to #DrainTheSwamp.

Navy Jack