The following was reported by Navy Jack in a series of tweets on June 18, 2017

We’ve covered a lot over the past month. It is time to start naming names.

In parallel, the Obama White House, FBI and CIA were illegally spying & plotting against candidate Trump.

Susan Rice requested to unmask names of Trump transition officials, sources say.

Multiple sources tell Fox News that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under then-President Barack Obama, requested to unmask the …

When it failed to achieve this goal, the GOP implemented a strategy not used since the Nomination of Ronald Reagan.

Is Mike Pence The Deep State’s Insurance Policy?

If Trump doesn’t adopt the Cold War 2.0 approach of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and is forced out of his own administration in the same m…

#RussiaGate was turned over to Hillary Clinton and supported by the Obama White House, CIA and the FBI to keep Trump from being elected.

When it failed to achieve its goal, the Globalists panicked and their top leadership assumed control.

UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow

In December the UK government was given reports by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele on possible collusion between Trump camp and the K…

Led by GOP Senators, an attempt to stop the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump was initiated using #RussiaGate.

Is Donald Trump a modern-day Manchurian Candidate? | The World Weekly

President-elect Donald Trump, whose campaign railed against his “crooked” political opponents, has become embroiled in a Hollywood-like conspiracy scandal after BuzzFeed published an explosive but…

When this also failed, the Globalists commenced their effort to isolate Trump and pick off those who could stop them.

Starting with General Flynn.

Sources: Pence, Priebus closely involved in Flynn resignation
Michael Flynn’s overnight resignation as national security adviser was driven in part by intervention from Vice President Mike Pence and White House…

Replacing Flynn and the other NSC members with Globalist and #DeepState members.

McMaster rolls back Flynn’s changes at NSC

Trump’s new national security adviser is eliminating positions created by his ousted predecessor.

Ensuring that Jeff Sessions could not unravel their plans.

Trump fumes over Sessions’ recusal from Russia probe

The president vented to aides that he believed the attorney general’s recusal was handled poorly.

Clearly the President was not pleased with this decision being made behind his back.

Trump reportedly unhappy about Sessions’ recusal from Russia investigations

President Trump reportedly got into a heated discussion Friday with his top aides about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself fr…

Several cabinet members did not object to the Sessions recusal

Before moving on, we must understand that #DeepState is not Republican or Democrat. It is Globalist.

The current party in power in the Congress has leadership responsibility for #DeepState success.

Judge Jeanine Pirro – “A subtle plot by the GOP to bring down @POTUS and bring the establishment back into power”

Let’s see a few of the people she is referring to:

John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Evan McMullin, Mitt romney, Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins.

most of you already knew about most of these #NeverTrump #DeepState members.

If not, here is a little refresher and background on a few of them and their efforts to derail Trump:

Let’s go back to the fall of 2012.

President Obama was in a heated race against Mitt Romney. …

There are also several Cabinet members not pictured that were #NeverTrump but are not actively supporting #DeepState.

There is one #DeepState GOP member who I have not identified in the photo.

A person that has been involved in every critical decision leading to the resignation of Flynn, the recusal of Session and the appointment of Mueller as special Counsel.

We will review this unnamed member of #DeepState tomorrow night.