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The following is a series of tweets posted by NavyJack on June 17, 2017

As a direct result of Watergate, in December 1974, just four months after Nixon’s resignation, New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh revealed the existence of a long-running CIA intelligence program targeting U.S. citizens, a direct violation of its charter. LINK

It was revealed that two of the Watergate burglars had formerly worked for the CIA, and had been given assistance by the agency following the break-in.

The Church committee called more than 800 witnesses over the course of nine months, including several former officials from both the FBI and CIA.

The Church committee also uncovered a series of secret programs led by the National Security Agency known as Operation Shamrock and Project Minaret.

“Shamrock” was a three-decade long surveillance program in which the NSA gained access (without obtaining warrants) to the records of all three major telecommunication companies.

Ostensibly created to obtain intelligence on foreign agents, the program had expanded to include surveillance of American citizens.

Another warrantless program, “Minaret,” saw more than 1,600 U.S. citizens added to NSA watch lists.

The FBI was also found to be illegally monitoring the US mail and other correspondence, again without obtaining a warrant.

The Church committee hearings resulted in what we now call the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which generated the requirement for the FISA court warrant system.

Not only was this information kept secret until 2007, it was the real reason for the resignation of President Nixon.

Yes Nixon did order the cover-up of Watergate. But he also planned to refuse to resign because of it. LINK

The resulting impeachment process would have disclosed the illegal spying activities of the CIA, NSA and FBI to the public 30 years earlier than the Church committee hearing proceedings (not made public until 2007).

Nixon resigned at the insistence of the Intelligence community.

Nixon knew the outcome of confronting the military industrial complex and the intelligence community had not worked out for JFK.  LINK

More on this later.

This exact scenario is what has happened again under President Obama. The systems and methods used were in place before Obama took office. The methods used were the subject of intense Congressional oversight and Inspector General Reports.

The 2007 investigation report revealed widespread warrantless wiretapping during the Bush administration.

This type of surveillance activity is exactly what Devin Nunes was shown by former NSC staffers at the White House. LINK

Devin Nunes has been silenced.  LINK

This is exactly what Circa News has been reporting. LINK

They too and their sole supporter at Foxnews, Sean Hannity, are also under intense pressure to stop their reporting on these issues. I know you think this is about Seth Rich. It’s not and it won’t end until #DeepState is secure. LINK

The events of September 11, 2012 were the reason that the Obama administration took extraordinary steps to illegally expand surveillance of US lawmakers, justices and citizens.

Never forget Benghazi:

#DeepState not only has decided to execute a coup against President Trump, it is doing so in a way that will protect it from disclosure of these illegal and warrantless surveillance activities.

They are using the exact process used to protect #DeepState during the Nixon administration.

Many on Capitol Hill, including every member of the House and Senate Permanent Intelligence Select Committee are involved in ensuring that #DeepState preserves its ability to surveil US citizens without authorization and without oversight.

Never forget Justice Scalia.

The Senate Permanent Intelligence Select Committee

The House Permanent Intelligence Select Committee

Should President Trump move to expose these activities and methods, #DeepState will employ methods to protect itself from exposure.

Think JFK.  LINK

If President Trump does not expose these illegal surveillance activities, #DeepState will persecute him thought he office of Special Counsel until they either find a way to impeach him or he resigns. LINK

Psyop methods have and will be used against the people of the United States by the CIA and the MSM to ensure an outcome desirable to #DeepState. LINK

Never forget Michael Hastings.

This was a setup against @POTUS by McCabe with the help of Rosenstein to cause this exact “obstruction” issue.  LINK

All The President’s Men

What we need is a Special Counsel to investigate the conflicts of interest of Mueller, the other Special Counsel. LINK

This article illustrates Deep State working against POTUS as discussed in this thread.