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From the Wayback Machine… George Webb’s “No More Informants” blogsite

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What Donald Trump Doesn’t Know About Islam and the CIA

Most Americans, like Donald Trump included, are trying to figure out why two Muslims in San Bernardino, CA killed 12 of their coworkers after they lavished the couple with gifts at a baby shower.  Trump has a businessman’s nose for something that’s not right, but he doesn’t know exactly what.  And he wants to get to the bottom of it fast.

Trump seems to know we pit Shia against Sunni, but he doesn’t seem to know yet that we train and arm terrorists on both sides.  For instance, he doesn’t seem to know that our CIA trained and armed ISIS through intermediaries.  The New York Times recently had a nice expose on the Saudi money that was funding ISIS in a project called Timber Sycamore.  Here is the link.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that we actually did take the oil, just not for America.  Private interests drove the oil to Turkey to be shipped to countries like Israel and others.  The CIA uses terrorist to clear land and towns so these supply routes are not threatened.  Senator Rubio knows all this because he sits on the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee, but Trump hasn’t got the briefing yet.

The CIA pattern is repeated over and over.  We arm the young men, train them to gas towns, kill all the men, and rape all the women, and repeat.  This clears the land for oil or mineral exploration.  We also teach the farmers to grow poppies wherever we can, many times using human waste from US Army Forward Operating Bases to fertilize the poppies.  The CIA flies the drugs through US Air Bases throughout the world. Most Americans, like Mr. Trump, cannot believe this.

We have done this drug trade with the Islam in the Middle East since Afghanistan in 1979 with a freedom fighter named Osama Bin Laden.  Naturally, there is a moral backlash in the Islamic world against what they know of America which is the CIA drug trade.  Trump doesn’t know this part yet, but he will.  That’s where the hatred comes from.  The CIA has done the same operations since their inception, beginning after World War II in China, and then in Cuba and Central America.

That’s where the hate comes from, Mr. Trump.