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Dear Friends,

Port Canaveral is literally in my backyard. I personally know both of the investigative reporters (Mary Fanning and Alan Jones) who did the report on UAE’s Crescent Group Gulftainer USA, the UAE operators of the cargo terminal at Port Canaveral. Mary and Alan spent a year investigating the circumstances surrounding this crime.

In June, 2015, Alan Jones and I protested with others, holding banners and signs at the entrance to the Gulftainer Cargo terminal on the day the UAE Crescent Group’s top executives (one of whom was/is a close friend and former college roommate of Obama’s), held a ribbon cutting and reception to celebrate the success of their first footprint onto American soil and into an American port.

This was the camel’s nose under the proverbial tent. And Port Canaveral was NOT their first attempt to run a cargo op here in our ports. Jacksonville FL turned them down before they came calling at Port Canaveral. Since then, I’m told that the Arab-owned Crescent is now operating in several US ports.

Read the report and you will understand how dangerous this is to our national security. Both Fanning and Jones deserve a Pulitzer.

The report originally appeared on Alan Jones’ website “1776 Channel” two years ago.


It was subsequently picked up by Frank Gaffney and Clare Lopez at the Center for Security Policy where it was published last December, giving it the exposure it desperately deserved.


“According to Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning’s paper, entitled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Secret Deal Allows Company Tied to Saddam’s Nuclear Bombmaker, Iran and U.A.E. to Manage Key Florida Port Facilities,” Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew unilaterally approved the lease for Gulftainer – a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar – following two years of secret talks.”


Accuracy in Media ran with the story: Gulftainer Scandal Connects Obama, the Clintons and the Media

as did WND.com.

I also know the BACKSTORY politics about HOW this deal was made, who was involved locally and in the Obama Administration, and the dirty secrets connected to pretty much all of it. George Webb is RIGHT OVER THE target with everything he’s reporting and how this ties in with everything else his investigation has uncovered. He absolutely did the right thing by publicly reporting his concerns, prompting at least two of his YouTube viewers to call the US Coast Guard with an alert regarding the Maersk Memphis, which at the time was underway just four miles off the coast to Charleston, SC.

CNN, along with those who are doing the smuggling of unspeakable cargo, those in our government who are involved and looking the other way, and their media handmaidens (including the NYT) are trying to smear Webb and destroy his credibility.

For example:
CNN producer Donie O’Sullivan conducted a phone interview of both Webb and his investigative partner Jason Goodman who advised O’Sullivan that the interview was being recorded. Listen:

The resulting published piece was inaccurate and filled with innuendo, painting Webb and Goodman as “right-wing conspiracists” (The irony? Both Webb and Goodman were Bernie Sanders supporters.)


Contrary to what you may think, this is serious business. George Webb and others are asking intelligent questions NOT being asked by members of Congress in their endless and so-called investigative hearings.

George is kicking up the dust as a result of his now 10-month investigative findings that he’s exposed to the light of day, and placed him in harm’s way. He may have his quirks (as we all do) and his critics, but his months-long investigation has turned up much more than any of his critics have produced.