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VIRAL : Was the Don Jr. Meeting Part of a #NeverTrump Sting Operation?

An expose by a popular Twitter US Navy Veteran account, purports to expose the Don Jr. meeting within the context of a larger sting operation spearheaded by the forces of #NeverTrump.

From USNJack

Natalia Veselnitskaya and Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) were and are being paid by wealthy Russian Oligarchs to get the sanctions lifted.

In Dec 2015, Fusion GPS was hired by GOP to create “opposition research” (dirt) against Trump to ensure he did not receive the GOP nomination.

These payments continued thru Jul 2016. In late May 2016 a plot to sabotage the Trump campaign was devised that resulted in the meeting between members of the Trump campaign and Natalia Veselnitskaya.

The goal of the meeting was to attempt to get a Trump campaign official to state that in exchange for assistance from Russian “officials,” the Trump administration (if elected) would lift the sanctions against the wealthy Russian Oligarchs.

The goal was to allow to use this “collusion” to force Trump to remove himself from contention as the GOP Presidential Candidate. The participants from the Trump campaign did not take the bait.

They concluded that the purpose of meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya was misrepresented from the start and ended the discussion before any offer or collusion could be inferred.

Contrary to reports by and other media, GOP footed the bill for this “sting” operation against .

Please note that I absolutely love and her reports from Circa News. She is one of the best reporters in the nation.

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