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Let’s Cruise at 40,000 feet and reflect on events:

The “SHOW” = an exercise in futility designed to keep bad actors distracted.

Everything that has played out so far (Witch Hunt, Mueller, Congressional Hearings, MSM Propaganda) are predictable and anticipated courses of action by those who have lost power and control and desperately want it back.

The “SHOW” is misdirection permitted and controlled (PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL) to consume the attention and energy of those who have lost power and control – “they”.

Whilst “they” have been consumed and distracted, what has been going on in the meantime?

1. Republican control restored to SCOTUS

2. Use of military tribunals very publicly defined (GRAHAM & KAVANAUGH)

3. 140+ judges appointed

4. FBI, C_A and DOJ purged of traitors

5. Power removed from all those who cannot be trusted

6. MSM exposed as the propaganda arm of the DNC & DEEP STATE – Trust gone

7. C_A & DEEP STATE strings cut to PROXY actors (NK & ISIS) – Potential threats removed and ability to control the narrative using bad actors eliminated

8. EO in place to seize assets of those guilty of serious crimes

9. Significant jump in arrests of human traffickers and pedophiles

10. Previously protected bad actors in custody and singing

11. Border funding secured

12. Cooperation secured of third party states to prevent trafficking of people and drugs

13. Wall being built. Border being secured.

14. DECLASS authorised by POTUS

15. DOJ & IG preparing criminal charges/referrals for all those involved in the coup attempt

16. DOJ investigating all who have sold or provided access to – state secrets, political influence, uranium and technology

17. Death penalty re-instituted

Once all threats have been removed and you have strategically positioned all your pieces, it’s time to strike