“So, without necessarily understanding or giving two shits about political philosophy, he understood what big government and cultural rot was doing to this nation, especially during the previous 8 to 25 years and so came down that escalator at Trump Tower to declare war.”

I do love reading JJ Sefton’s Morning Report every weekday. His bite goes so well with coffee. It’s the perfect complement to a steaming cup of Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast.

I particularly liked this passage today, although it’s sometimes difficult to extract the “best of” each morning because every one of his words are pearls from the slime (see what I did there?)

Today’s choice of choicest words:

“The salient point is, that by fighting back, you force the Democrat-Left-Media to defend its own record that, just on the face of it is completely indefensible. They have spent decades promoting policies that literally have laid waste to entire communities and the people in them, and with the aid of the media and a gutless/complicit GOP have looted the American taxpayer into forking over trillions of dollars more to “fix” the problem that they created and blame us for. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And not unrelated, the Senate has passed a bipartisan (FEH!) abomination of a budget that adds to the debt and deficits and nixes the budget ceiling. I get the short-term political maneuvering of putting the idiotic “government shutdown” kabu-kakkae theater past the 2020 election. But it would’ve been quite refreshing if we had just one lousy alleged conservative senator to stand up and pull a page out of the bill related to welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, education etc. Specifically monies that were heading to Elijah Cummings’ district while at the same time asking what the hell happened to all the billions of dollars that were directed there over the course of his career in Congress that have done nothing to improve anything. With the possible exception of Cummings’ own financial health.

And then you extrapolate that to every blue state, county and district that is up to their eyeballs in crime, vermin, filth, disease and squalor and indict every goddam Democrat Leftist for these multi-generational atrocities, underscoring it all by their desire to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. Grand slam/slam dunk opportunity right down the shitter. Meh, it’s the GOPe.

If the President is lurking, here’s another idea along with holding rallies in California and indeed, just around the corner in Baltimore. Veto the budget and read some pages from it in a national address.”

Splendid idea!  Mr. President, are you listening?

Aaaahhhh yes… the best part of waking up: Sefton in my cup.