Tracy Beanz’ investigation of Elijah Cummings is spelled out in her Twitter thread and accompanying VIDEO detailing what Jabba the Hut did to True the Vote‘s founder Catherine Engelbrecht, acting as Obama’s waterboy, in collusion with IRS head Lois Lerner and other federal agencies.

If you, like me, have forgotten about the harassment leveled at TTV and Engelbrecht’s personal and business lives, you’ll want to refresh your memory.

“Cummings is in the spotlight right now because of missing funds, poverty stricken neighborhoods, prioritizing illegal immigrants over his own constituents and calling Donald Trump a racist, but let’s travel back to 2012, when he was also in hot water.

He was accused of targeting a group focused on election integrity and voters rights.

This thread will tell the story of how Cummings misrepresented that he was operating on behalf of a government committee when in reality, he was working in tandem with a weaponized IRS to target True the Vote. He hid emails between himself and IRS chief Lois Lerner that proved the targeting, but somehow escaped an ethics violation that was filed against him. It’s time for this story to come back, front and center.”

The very agencies that Cummings used to make Engelbrecht’s life one of misery in an effort to shut down her conservative 501 (c) 3 organization and send a signal to all other conservative non-profits, are now looking into Jabba’s own personal finances.

Karma.  It’s a bitch sometimes, isn’t it Elijah?

The THREAD begins here:

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