So I’m gleaning the Twittersphere to see what “my homeys’ are saying. Here are a few. And did you listen to Rush’s caller today re: forming another commission to investigate these shootings? OMG… how naive. More on that below the twitter screencaps.

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I didn’t catch much of Rush’s show today – busy with other things. But I did hear this and it made me laugh out loud. This guy [Peter in Rancho Santa Fe, California] thinks having yet ANOTHER commission to investigate mass shootings is a step in the right direction.

Obviously he’s never heard of the Warren Commission.

Anyone who understands how the games are played in Washington DC knows that these commissions are where investigations/studies/policy decisions/touchy issues go to die. So Rush woke him up, politely, of course. (I might not have been so charitable):

CALLERHello, Rush.  I think President Trump should call for a 9/11-style commission to study mass shootings in America, and in particular why so many of these perpetrators are in their twenties and thirties.  The mainstream media and the Democrat presidential candidates, as you know, are focusing their analysis of the events on what I would call the two bogeymen: The NRA and the Second Amendment.  But I’m over 65.  The NRA and the Second Amendment existed when I was in my twenties and thirties, yet there were no mass shootings.  Why?  Well, a 9/11-style commission will be able to study the influence of all of the following — and I’ll say it parenthetically — that (crosstalk) years.

RUSHWait a minute.  Not to play… Well, yeah.  Do you believe everything the 9/11 commission reported about 9/11?

CALLER:  No.  But it gets… What it will allow the president to do is deflect the criticism that’s coming in at him, and let’s let a group of nonpoliticians look at the breakdown of the family structure and look at the rise in secularism — [NON POLITICIANS!??!  Oh my sides!]

RUSH:  Where are you gonna find ’em?

CALLER:  — look at violence in the movies.

RUSH:  Where you gonna find ’em?  Once you appoint ’em, they become political.

Understatement of the day.


Dave Perkins has been suspended from Facebook as many times as I have. Mark it: three times for 30 days, once for 24-hours, and twice for 3-days.  A couple of weeks ago, he shared this on the MeWe platform:

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Good suggestion Dave. That’s exactly what I’ve done here. I’ll use FB and Twitter to drive others to read my posts here. Prior to FB, I used to post on this site every day. My post archive is extensive. I’ve returned, and there’s a sense of freedom and relief to be able to post whatever I want to without fear of censorship or suspension.

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