My sister and I had a conversation this morning about where we are as a nation. I’ll let you in on our “chat.”

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Sis: — So disgusted by this whole thing. Cory ‘Booger’ wants Trump to cancel rallies and stop campaigning, some want Noncey to call them back from district work (😂) so they can push impeachment, etc.  When the hell are they going to start indicting, sentencing, and hanging these outlaws?! There’s always one reason or another. The promised BOOMS are nothing more than capguns going off.”

Me: — I still think it’s building to a crescendo. The IG report and Huber’s reports and the Declas has yet to come. It’s all timed out to play out on their timeline. By the time all that comes out, “they won’t be safe to walk the streets.”

Sis: — Giving them time to hatch more revenge plots.  

Me:I believe the plan is designed to get Americans so FED UP that when this stuff is released, the media and the deep state will crash and burn.

Don’t forget, the calendar is showing that we are still little more than a year away from the election. I also believe that the Q team and the white hats knew/know this is going to get rough. Q has been warning us all along that it would.

Sis: — Yes, I know… But do you think they thought it would or could get this bad? 

Me: — When the people say “enough is enough!” (and they’re getting good and frothy over it ), the people and the world will be ready to hear the incredible horrors these sonsobitches have done to us, to the children, and to the world.

Yes, I’m sure they anticipated all these attacks. Don’t forget, Q says they “have it all.” They have access to surveil all of them (NSA) and likely know what’s coming before it happens.  They have to let it play out.

Sis: — The one best thing that’s come out of this is that they are showing the world just how unhinged they’ve become.

Me: — Imagine how awful POTUS and the team must feel knowing all this? Knowing that some will die in this war to take back our nation?

Sis: — Lord, I and millions pray it’s not him that dies.

Me: — Look at all that has come out — who knew about MK Ultra and the mind control the CIA developed over the years? That’s just one example. Now it’s becoming almost mainstream because so many people are seeing these kids shooting up strangers. These kids are sick. And they’re being used by the deep state to grab our guns.  They know that once they accomplish that, we are totally without defense against them. that’s why these shootings are ramping up with increasing frequency.

Plus, it creates chaos and fear. Two things the devil thrives on.

Sis: True.

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Me: — Whenever you feel like this madness has to stop, understand that it IS all part of the plan to build up to an unbearable state. We need more people to be “woke” before there’s enough of us to be on the team and win this. We need to build up to critical mass in order to vanquish them, to beat them back into a corner and keep them there.

A little later, I clicked over to JJ Sefton’s MORNING REPORT.  He must have been listening.  It was as though he was part of our conversation:

Good morning, kids. A commenter, whose name I apologize for not remembering, remarked yesterday evening (paraphrasing) “we wake up, have bacon and eggs, send the kids to school, walk the dog, go to work, come home and everything seems just fine, and then we turn on the internet to find out we’re on the verge of civil war.” Well, that is exactly right.

Unfortunately both parts of that observation are indeed happening and they are not in the least contradictory. At the risk of repeating myself from yesterday, in 2016 we the people elected Trump to stop the madness of the 100-year project to fundamentally destroy the nation as founded, and for that mortal sin, we are witnessing the reaction to that rejection by the Democrat-Left-Media-Globalist-Deep State Complex.

The question is, is it their death rattle (to the extent that the underlying evil that infects their core beliefs can ever be killed off) or the hours before an imminent banzai charge?

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that the ramping up of violent rhetoric and the concomitant violence it has engendered since Trump was elected and arguably going further back into the Obama eight-year reign of error can be 100% laid at the feet of the Left. And by that I mean its political and media leadership.

From typical smear tactics and mere lying to the never-before treasonous abuse of the instrumentalities of government to overthrow this president and undo a legal election, everything they have used to thwart this President’s legal ascension to the office has failed, and spectacularly so.

The horrific shootings in Texas and Ohio have now sent them over the edge, both in terms of a new tack in attempting to take him down by pimping him as the leader of some mythical “white supremacist” movement and conveniently as yet another pretext to destroy the Second Amendment. And the GOP-e, true to form, is reverting to its usual position of curling up into a ball and letting the left stomp all over it. More on that in a bit.

Rush Limbaugh has been saying for the past three years that regarding Trump, this is what fighting back in the rhetorical sense looks like. It’s not pretty, (although his Tweets and retorts are glorious after decades of Republicans just taking their lumps) but it sure as hell is effective.

With the media now denuded of the ability to take him down and what there was of its credibility in tatters, and the Democrat Party completely off the rails in terms of anything remotely resembling sane policy proposals or reasoned criticism of their opponents, they can collectively do one of two things: Admit defeat and enter into a period of introspection and reform, or hit the accelerator into “Ludicrous Speed.” Guess which one they’ll choose.

At this stage, I think they’ve gone from doing and saying things that they might not believe merely to rile up their base to actually guzzling the Kool-Aid like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously, what possible reason could Cory Booker have for not accepting the President’s conciliatory remarks in the wake of the shooting? I mean, when even the New York Times is bullied into changing a relatively anodyne headline (forget that the article itself was rabidly anti-Trump) for one that slams the President as a gun nut, things are going downhill.

James Hodgkinson (whom Dick Durbin has still not been called to account for his relationship with) nearly massacred a dozen or so GOP congressmen at a softball field, and that was two years ago already.

And with that mongoloid-looking racialist Joaquin Castro doxxing a list of San Antonio-area Trump donors and supporters, he’s not so coyly throwing chum in water. Hell, this Reza Aslan clown has openly called for the extermination of the President and everyone who voted for him. With that, I ask, where are we to find common ground? How are we to reconcile our differences? It truly pains me to say this but the obvious answer is that we can’t. The party that embraces death wants that for us.

Read the rest, along with corresponding links that buttress Sefton’s and our observations on the state of affairs.