Twitter is abuzz with speculation that Jeffrey Epstein supposedly hanged himself while being surveilled under suicide watch.

I don’t know what to think.  Need more info before I can make a determination.

Epstein was related to the Dept. of Energy, according to George Webb, who is live streaming as I write this.

The million documents that were released last night…

Webb is saying that now that Bill Barr recused himself from the case, and then unreduced himself, (very unusual) the case is dead. They’re sealed. The only way to get to the bottom of this is to pull on all the threads we’ve revealed… Uranium 1, Dept of Energy… these are all just dangles to get contribution dollars.

How does Jeff Epstein win a $29.6 million lotto in New Mexico to buy his Zorro Ranch AFTER being outed as a pedophile?  And they give him the money!!!

New Mexico –> Same state Bill Richardson is governor of at the time?  In a state loaded with nuclear research labs?  Sandia. Los Alamos. Oak Ridge.

Eclipse 550 Aviation jets owned by Epstein, funded by EXIM Bank. Where are they? This is an energy story – not a sex story.

The story isn’t pedophilia – it’s energy. Nuclear energy.

Webb believes AG Bill Barr was a part of it. Barr’s father Donald Barr was part of it. Bob Mueller was part of it. His brother was part of it. The DuPonts were part of it. In fact, the DuPont mansion in Oyster Bay was the center of activity where bomb making papers were copied and flown to other countries — Germany included.

Webb and his sidekick John O’Loughlin are taking this investigation way back, doing deep deep dives. There’s so much more to the Epstein story than his pedophilia and sex trafficking. That was just part of a much bigger operation that has been going on. We’re talking nuclear bombs, uranium, selling to enemy countries. Ratlines that included drugs for uranium, and much more.

“Epstein was the last book on the shelf of this energy story.”

Somebody is managing this. That’s why Bill Barr is recusing himself from Epstein, and then unrecusing because it’s a part of this energy story.  Jeff’s role was flying stuff around. We know the EXIM bank built a reactor as close as they could to Iran, and said to the Saudis “we’ll build you 50 of them — reactors for everyone.”

“We sell fuel rods. How are we going to sell them if we don’t build reactors? 45 on the Sunni side, 8 or 9 on the Iranian side.”

They put the showroom model in UAE in 2012.

If you see Epstein, just think of sanctions smuggling. That’s what he did. The girls were one of those downstream things when you topple a country. Jeff’s main goal was to get around sanctions. So is Deripaska.

When these suicides happen I yawn. Trust Bill Barr. This whole thing is going to go down the drain.

They brought Flynn in on the end. Bijan Kian (his business partner) was in on this from the beginning.

How do we find the jets? Unfortunately a lot of the diplomatic ones are

Bill Barr thinks he’s got this thing nailed. Epstein’s out of the picture. We’re gonna seal all the court stuff…

But he won’t win. Follow the fuel rods.

More to come.

Trying to transcribe as fast as I can… Fletcher Prouty said the first thing you have to do to be in the Secret Team is to ignore national sovereignty. The first thing is to break down the sovereignty.

The answer to the test is ENERGY. You’re never going to see the million documents. Just like the 12 terabytes Butina had – did you ever get to see those? No.

What about prison surveillance tapes of Epstein hanging himself? I want to see those.

Take open source — who signed Megatons to Megawatts? Who signed it in 1999 for the US? Gen. Wm Joseph Burns. When Burns writes his book “BACKCHANNEL” you would think the largest weapons deal ever done, you’d think it would be mentioned in the book — not mentioned. Biggest arms deal ever negotiated. Not a mention in of it in his book.

You have to ask yourself – it’s all coming from NM — you’ve got a woman in NY named Ethel Rosenberg typing away on her remington portable – 10 pages, and that’s how the soviets go the bomb — OR you hcan have Za Rubina with 18 agents taking out big trundle bundles on a daily basis for 3 years where she’s attending friend Openheimer’s bbq on the weekend OR Einstein’s mistress (a Russian agent) and Rubina is best friends with her.

Weigh those two things – they wanted you to focus on Rosenberg.  Za Rubina spy ring run by Donald Barr, OSS, at Columbia. The takedown of Trump using the team of Butinas almost mirrors identically the copying of info from Los Alamos to get the secrets to DuPont Retreats.

Look at Bill Barr — OSS agents donald Barr knew Robert Swan Mueller II — getting secrets to Nazis in support of Allen Dulles and Cromwell to behind enemy lines, German high command and to people working on the bomb.  Same thing is true to russinas working on bomb after the war.

All the docs we’ve been sending – enriching uranium at the death camps – now they had to get all that out of there. That’s why Donald Barr – a german speaker – leaves the country and picks out the german scientist… he’s been sending packets for years. They wanted Germany to have the bomb, using slave labor to develop the v2 rockets.

Why else would you bring them back (86) to the US and put them in Ft Bliss? Davis Wright Pat?

To recoup their investment. Got them visas, brought them in.

(Still listening – still transcribing as fast as I can.)

The Russians took their scientists’ notes, and used their own scientists. Compare that with Werner VonBraun who basically helped create the Disney Channel – talking about the Saturn V rocket, how we were going to get people to the moon, — he had a 5-minute segment telling the kids all the exciting stuff that they were working on.

The part that hurts my heart is that it’s so obvious to see what Donald Barr did with Eastern European women spies – and I see Epstein and Butina doing the same thing. Organizing the women – BWXT fuel rods — it’s the same game.

… It’s stealth from Block Island to the North sea.

Will grab the YT transcript later and fill in the blanks.

Suffice to say, THIS is much bigger than Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking underage girls. MUCH BIGGER.