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Why did Q focus on Ray Chandler instead of Epstein? For the same reason he focused on Allison Mack and not Keith Rainiere. Mack gave prosecutors the information they needed to bring charges against NXIVM members.

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The case against those who committed criminal acts with Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t hinge on Epstein’s testimony. It hinges on Ray Chandler’s testimony.

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Q has suggested that Ray Chandler has already been interviewed by FBI/DOJ. If prosecutors have the information they need, Q’s task is waking people up to the extent of corruption so that when the prosecution happens, the public understands the nature and scope of the scandal.

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Epstein’s death doesn’t impede the prosecution of bad actors. It may actually speed up the process since his land and buildings may now be searched without interference.

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‘Amazing Polly’ drops some useful dirt on WHO is running interference for #ghislanemaxwell and HOW.


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