“Once, having the freedom to publish everything uncovered in the course of my many investigative stories was status quo, I wrote “the facts ma’am.”  

But now I (and so many others), run the risk of suspension, banning and removal at any time for any reason. It has seemingly become more difficult to publish a story, save that I post it on our website and direct people to my site to read my latest piece.

And I shudder to think how many journalists and perhaps non-journalists but even potential sources are just too afraid to share facts, tell the real story, or provide the truth. 

The risk of being banned for stepping outside of the “acceptable” line is real. The fear of facing the virtual and sometimes physical lynch mob that comes for those who dare to try to tell unvarnished truth is very real.” — Tracy Beanz

Notice what I’ve highlighted above in boldface type, exactly what’s happening to me and hundreds, if not thousands of others. Censoring.

Post something Facebook deems a “Violation of Community Standards?” Your account is frozen for 30 days.

Post something considered offensive on Twitter? Your account is suspended. Arbitrarily. Period.

In her editorial excerpted above, Beanz writes about mainstream media lies told about 8Chan, a free speech message board where the “Q” intel group posted messages.

Who or what is “Q”?  We’ll get to that but first, why isn’t the media asking that question of the President? There have been ample opportunities.

Beanz uses the example of the latest lie told by Corporate AND Social Media Big Tech regarding the El Paso shooter’s manifesto being posted to 8chan prior to the shooting (it wasn’t).  But Beanz neglected to mention what we know is the REAL reason 8chan was shut down.


The Q intel group, believed to be a small cluster of anonymous intel professionals (both military and Trump administration) has been informing 8chan “autists” since late October 2017 of what to research on publicly available information about the “Deep State.” To piece together puzzle pieces, or “drops” that Q posts on the dark website inhabited by self-described, singularly focused autistic readers. Singularly focused with encyclopedic knowledge in various disciplines, such as aviation, law, navigation, history, geography, and more.

It is my contention that “Q” dropped clues and directions that SO alarmed the globalist deep state criminals in our government, our intel agencies, their international partners-in-crime, and enablers involved in treachery, treason and unspeakable activities, they HAD to stop Q.

The truth of their longtime criminal enterprises was being revealed with each “drop.” The Q community’s exponential growth from an obscure corner of the web frequented by autistics to a more general population (referred to as “normies” for the otherwise non-autistic readers/researchers) was becoming widespread, attracting millions of readers and researchers worldwide.

The panicked shadow government HAD to shut down 8chan.  The Q movement was rapidly becoming mainstream with adherents openly advertising the phenom at Trump rallies with handmade signs, flags, apparel, buttons, and elsewhere on their vehicles with bumper stickers, all bearing the Q logo (WWG1WGA – Where We Go 1 We Go All).


In short, Q became widespread.

Why Beanz deliberately avoids ANY mention of Q in her opinion piece is puzzling, since she was among those who initially jumped on the “decipher-Q’s-messages” bandwagon, researching them when Q posts first appeared on the chan boards in October 2017. The ElPaso shooter’s manifesto was an obvious ruse to stop 8chan from hosting the Q board.

Q’s info campaign has directed us to the criminal activities by the deep state shadow government, its attempts to remove and in some cases eliminate the President (FBI and CIA’s “insurance policy”), as well as what is yet to come, what to expect and anticipate as President Trump “drains the swamp.”

8chan readers/researchers have been deep diving into Q-directed rabbit holes and sifting the dirt for Q-led information for the past two years, discovering and revealing what the rest of the American public is just now waking up to. Why was it done this way? To assemble a cadre of patriots who would understand and calm the rest of us with the confidence that foreknowledge will bring. America has to be brought gradually into the awful truths that will be revealed, lest our country and our government collapses when they learn the enormity of the crimes and the numbers of criminals that infest it.

It is obvious why 8chan HAD TO BE taken down.

The enabling and utterly corrupt Mockingbird media WILL NOT and DOES NOT ask the President THE question: “Who or what is “Q”?”  They’re part of the cabal. The protectors.

The answer to “who is Q” would reveal what they’re desperate to conceal and protect: the swamp and the swamp’s status quo. Corporate media is the swamp’s guardian of the narrative, the curtain that conceals an evil “Wizard,” the entertainment that distracts the masses, that shapes their belief system.

So they go on the offense, writing scurrilous attacks, describing “Q” as a conspiracy theory and Q’s adherents “conspiracy theorists”. Watch 8chan’s Jim Watkins, who has been subpoenaed to appear before Congress, where it is hoped the question about “Q” will finally be asked. Publicly.


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