George Webb’s investigation leads him to believe that US Attorney General Bill Barr and his father Donald Barr were both involved in the Epstein Crime World and the AG has been since his days with President George Bush, perhaps even earlier, with his father GHW.

Investigative reporter Whitney Webb’s research corroborates George Webb’s. (FYI, Whitney and George are not related. “Webb” is George’s nom de plume. His real name is Sweigert.)

Excerpt from Too Big to Fail, Part II:
Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

“One of the most critical parts of the scandal surrounding [Craig] Spence, however, was the fact that he had been able to enter the White House late at night during the George H.W. Bush administration with young men whom the Washington Times described as “call boys.”

Spence later stated that his contacts within the White House, which allowed him and his “call boys” access, were “top level” officials and he specifically singled out George H.W. Bush’s then-National Security Advisor Donald Gregg. Gregg had worked at the CIA since 1951 before he resigned in 1982 to become National Security Advisor to Bush, who was then vice president. Prior to resigning from his post at the CIA, Gregg had worked directly under William Casey and, in the late 1970s, alongside a young William Barr in stonewalling the congressional Pike Committee and Church Committee, which investigated the CIA beginning in 1975. Among the things that they were tasked with investigating were the CIA’s “love traps,” or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats to bugged apartments, complete with recording equipment and two-way mirrors.

Barr would later become Bush’s Attorney General, rising to that post yet again under Trump. Furthermore, Barr’s father worked for the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and recruited a young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school drop-out, to teach at the elite Dalton School, from which Epstein was later fired. A year prior to hiring Epstein, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Notably, the same year Donald Barr hired Epstein, his son was working for the CIA. Bill Barr has refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked at the same law firm that has represented Epstein in the past.

WHITNEY WEBB: Well, I think there definitely needs to be an independent investigation. I think a lot of the people that are involved in the current investigation, including Bill Barr, I don’t think many Americans should be confident in what he will turn up.

MARC STEINER: Yeah. You make the Barr-Epstein connection in your last – in the third part of your series.

WHITNEY WEBB: Right, yeah. But beyond that, Bill Barr also was known for stonewalling the Church Committee in the late 70s, and he was particularly trying to prevent the CIA’s use of sexual blackmail operations from coming to light to the Church Committee. I think that is at least like significant, as is the fact that he justified the legal pardons of numerous Iran-Contra figures and including—And given the role of many Iran-Contra figures in this network that I describe in my reporting, I don’t really see him as being an impartial investigator here. And also, the fact that he worked for the law firm that defended Epstein later on in the 2000s, I think is just—

MARC STEINER: And his father hired Epstein.

WHITNEY WEBB: Right, exactly. And that he’s going to get to the – that Bill Barr will get to the bottom of this. I don’t. I don’t really buy that, so I think there needs to be a more independent investigation. Concerns have also been raised about the fact that Epstein was trying to blackmail people. Now that blackmail has fallen, whoever raided Epstein’s properties, depending on who’s using that, it could even be Bill Barr that now has control over this blackmail material. It’s hard to know if he will be using it, if that will just go away or Bill Barr will use it for his own political agendas now given his history. So I think that’s something to be concerned about. And also, the fact that there may be several members of Congress, if there’s a congressional investigation that may have been tied up in this, we don’t know all the names.

A lot of the documents haven’t come out. Now that Epstein is dead, that criminal case will go away. And so a lot of the evidence uncovered during discovery will not be made public. So I think it is necessary for the public to pressure for transparent campaigns and for other conspirators in this, or co-conspirators in what Epstein was doing, especially Ghislaine Maxwell and Leslie Wexner, that they’d be pursued and questioned by law enforcement.”


Do you find this as unsettling as I do? Does this leave you feeing as though you’re back at square one, not knowing who to trust?

I do know one thing I can trust and it’s this: Only time and unfolding events will reveal the truth.