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Listening to George Webb’s steamed live cast this morning, he said the REAL reason Patrick Byrne was involved with Russian spy Maria Butina was to help launder money through the Russian Central Bank using Bitcoin.

He also talks about Steve Bannon’s involvement with the Mercer family (underwriters of and internet “reporter” Charles (Chuck) Johnson, who just happened to find $20m in Bitcoin on his computer, ostensibly placed there by Bannon to pay internet “reporter” Mike Cernovich and others. All behind the scenes…

You can listen to this morning’s report by Webb here. The eyebrow raising stuff starts about 8 minutes in, but I recommend you start from the beginning, take it from the top, as they say.

As importantly, Patrick Byrne wrote a somewhat partial confession about his involvement with Butina that expands on his weird interviews with Fox and other cable outlets.

This is getting stranger and stranger, except for the fact that George Webb seemingly has the backstory and predicted it days ago.

Byrne’s written piece runs 13 page long printed out. Here’s the link to read the whole thing.  Hope you’re sitting down.