George Webb
Transcript, August 27, 2019

At 21:48 into the video

“…And it turns out that that’s happening at the same time this Patrick Byrne is doing the Bitcoin shuffle.

And they’re laundering money – as much as they can – and when this all unwinds, a big chunk of the Iran nuclear deal, it was weapons.

And they were laundering it through the Russian Central Bank. Through the Fed. Nation to nation, bank to bank transfers NOT on the SWFT network. It’s done in a thing called ‘credits.’

The reason why Patrick Byrne comes forward is because somebody’s out there saying this is what happened, somebody’s saying ‘hey, I know the guy that gave the 20 million dollars and funded the operation. It was on Chuck Johnson’s laptop. It was Bitcoin. And I know where he got it from. He got it from Steve Bannon. And I know who his patron is.  It’s a guy named Robert Mercer.

The reason why Pat Byrne comes out of the woodwork three years later is because someone is saying exactly where they got the Bitcoin to pay Butina.  That’s why you come out of the woodwork, cause you don’t want to go to jail. You don’t want to be the last guy who’s saying ‘Hey, I wasn’t involved.’ Because you can track Bitcoin. And Chuck knows you can track Bitcoin And Bannon knows you can track Bitcoin. And Mercer knows you can track Bitcoin. And that’s why Pat’s trying to cover his ass.”