War is coming to the Right, like it or not, and so far as we have seen our political leadership is unequipped for the fight.

“I figured that the key to de-escalating the situation was to not be the most violent person in the room,” he said. “It was to be the scariest person in the room.”

The FBI became aware of Kohfield’s attempt to be scary after he sent a letter to Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas). In it, Kohfield warned that unless the government puts an end to Antifa’s Wheeler-approved reign of terror, he and other veterans would have to commit “genocide” against Antifa. Subsequently Kohfield was disarmed after police served him with an extreme risk protection order under Oregon’s red flag law.

… Let us say Crenshaw [Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas)] did the right thing in handing over Kohfield’s (admittedly poorly phrased and frightening) letter to the FBI. Why not also speak to the genuine problems that pushed a fellow combat veteran to feel compelled to contemplate defending himself in a violent way? Though Kohfield certainly did not express himself with grace or care, his outrage at the developments in Oregon are not the stuff of fever dreams or of a diagnosed schizophrenic. He is responding (badly) to actual events on the ground that should alarm all people, even people who are more careful with their words. This is the reality for everyday Oregonians living beneath the heel of something between anarchy and tyranny.

Perhaps Crenshaw, like a great many establishment Republicans, really does not care about the plight of Oregonians or that of a former combat veteran like himself. Perhaps he is more concerned with the serious business of political navel-gazing than with lending a helping hand to the desperate and downtrodden. Worse, Crenshaw appears at every turn to buy into the lie that there is an ascendant white nationalist threat, a lie that will and already does serve as a pretense for crackdown on the Right.

While Crenshaw and his colleagues in the Stupid Party remain comfortably inert, Democrats from coast to coast are cheering on their militants, fundraising for them, and justifying their violent operations.

Places like Oregon and California are ground zero in this coming confrontation. If California’s present is the demographic future of the United States, then Portland, Oregon, offers a glimpse into our totalitarian political future.

War is coming to the Right, like it or not, and so far as we have seen our political leadership is unequipped for the fight.