…the powers-that-be among Democrats believe it is Biden or bust.

Apparently, they wager that they can mend and patch Biden together, carefully select and curtail his public venues, set up a rapid response gaffe war room, nurse him to victory, and then outsource governance to the progressive establishment and use Biden as some sort of four-year prop that would put president Biden in formaldehyde through the age of 82—as the DNC swamp plays Edgar Bergen to Biden’s Charlie McCarthy.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the paucity of choices the Democrats have to mount a challenge to President Trump.  The best they’ve got is Joe Biden, the best of a sorry lot of pathetic, whoring, socialist (i.e. dangerous) choices on the Left.

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“Biden remains what he always was—a deep state fixture. And his brand is mainstream Democrat left-liberal orthodoxy, which supposedly does not include weird and wild La La Land pronouncements.

Also, Trump is hated by a media that is 90 percent negative in its coverage of his every word, deed, and sneeze. In contrast, the media is in the Biden tank.

“Whether one thinks that Biden is just continuing where he left off in 2008, or that his capacities have slipped considerably since that failed bid matters not. The key is the current prognosis: can the present Biden possibly survive the rigors of 14 more months of campaigning, some 10 or more primary debates, countless fundraisers and one-on-one televised interviews, nearly 50 state primaries, the convention melodramas, and likely three more debates with Donald Trump without every 24 hours sounding either crazy or incomprehensible or offering medical warning signals, in a fashion that confirms he is living in an alternate universe?

That is, can Biden be propped up, doctored, medicated, given time-outs, and media pampered in the manner that an obviously frail and ill Hillary Clinton limped home during the final stretch of the 2016 campaign and nonetheless won the popular vote?

Would it really matter? Not really.

“Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren almost daily remind us what socialism is: a belief that the government innately owns our labor, property, and capital, and “built” our wealth.

Kamala Harris by now has no idea who she is or who she is supposed to become. She is now well into her third or fourth adopted persona. Beto O’Rourke—dropping f-bombs on live television, calling for gun confiscations, and libeling his country as inveterately racist—would be lucky to be elected to a Texas county commission in 2020. His once apparent eccentric speech and demeanor are now gratingly obnoxious as he reverts to his pre-adolescence.

Corey Booker has not evolved beyond his confused puerile Spartacus moment during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Goofy seems his new sobriquet. Saintly Pete Buttigieg thinks his role is to make up biblical exegesis to fit 2020 race-class-gender parlance—and then condemn any who disagree with him as Christian apostates.

Any Democratic candidate who has seemed somewhat normal or centrist—Michael Bennet, Steven Bullock, John Delaney, and Tim Ryan—long ago melted down. The rest of the pack like Andrew Yang or Julian Castro are probably to the left of Beto and Kamala and pose the question of why are they running at all.

So the powers-that-be among Democrats believe it is Biden or bust”.