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1) Mueller ends
2) Horowitz ends his investigation, gives report to AG
3) **FULL** declass begins
4) Report is publicly released
5) Indictments are unsealed
If you followed me for a year & a half, then you know I’ve been saying it would go down like this.
Quote: Tweet from Chuck Ross
“From Horowitz’s letter to Senate/House committees: the report has been submitted to DOJ and FBI for classification review and will be released as some point after that.”

Note what Horowitz says in his letter: Back in June he informed Congress some key witnesses had only **recently agreed** to finally sit down with OIG investigators and be interviewed. We know that **one** of these witnesses was Christopher Steele.

“accuracy and comment purposes” means the people who’s activities have been investigated in this report are given the DRAFT COPY of sections pertaining to them so they can review it and then provide a response to the OIG before the final draft is made.

This could very well be true. Some documents may have already been reviewed and are ready for public release.

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Replying to @drawandstrike

Far from the slap dash haphazard, flying-by-the-seat-of-the-pants narrative so many are selling about how Trump & Barr & Co. are going about doing this, you are about to see several YEARS of very careful…oh so VERY VERY careful…planning and preparation pay off.

Solomon gave everybody a big hint last year:

Quote Tweet: ZT @zattack2016

Replying to @drawandstrike
These are the documents that could be released 👇

As I said in THIS column, 1 side is this is going to rely on anonymous leaks & wild conspiracy theories.

The OTHER SIDE is going to have MOUNTAINS of documentary evidence being displayed in declassified documents & unsealed, very specific indictments.

Media Prepare Massive Public Relations Campaign to Spin Spygate

We **all** already know what they did. The only thing that’s lacking at this point is **some** of the documented evidence.

They’ve been holding that back because the **investigations** were still underway.

People spent YEARS selling you a fake narrative that key documents were being held back because a COVER UP was underway.

Trading on people’s ignorance about how federal OIG & US Attorney grand jury investigations are handled, these people exploited it for attention & $.

You were told the **ONLY POSSIBLE REASON** to not dump all the evidence into the public sphere over a year ago is that a massive cover up was happening.

Meanwhile, what was I telling you?

What’s been the BIGGEST SIGN the SpyGate investigations of Trump were bogus?

The BIGGEST SIGN that the DOJ/FBI’s investigation of Trump were bogus is this:

the federal officials running those bogus investigations **knew their sources were political operatives who were LEAKING all their fake “evidence” to the goddamn NEWS MEDIA!

The BIGGEST SIGN the OIG & DOJ’s current investigations of SpyGate itself are 100% real is that these people don’t leak ANYTHING TO ANYBODY until they are ready to make it public in an official announcement or declassification.

The people Trump put in charge when he came into office wouldn’t even give this stuff to **CONGRESS** no matter how loudly the whined about and stamped their feet.

I believe they gave Congress ONE classified document at the start of this to make a point. Carter Page FISA warrant

Within a day of giving that classified FISA warrant to the Senate Intel Committee, what happened to it?

Richard Wolfe leaked it to his girlfriend side dish, NYT’s reporter Ali Watkins.

So what’d we learn from THAT sordid episode?

We learned ANY KEY EVIDENCE the Trump DOJ hands over to Congress will be immediately leaked to the media.

And I’ve had to put up with TWO YEARS of people who can’t grasp this simple point.

Let me restate that. They **pretend** they can’t grasp it.

I’ve said we’re not getting all the documents, it all won’t be declassified and made public UNTIL……when?


How many times did I say this? About 800 or so.

Now, Horowitz tells the AG “I’m done!” & gives him the draft report.

What happens next? The AG at the DOJ and the FBI do what’s called a ‘declassification’ review’.

Which is now underway. All of this is being publicly announced.

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So lets talk about Christopher Wray, Trump’s handpicked guy to take over the FBI after both Comey & McCabe were kicked out the door.

Reporters get LEAKS from anonymous sources telling them Wray is some kinda Deep State plotter working to sabotage President Trump.

And as we all know, we should all **believe** things we read in news media reports based on anonymous insider sources, right?

Once again, people are asking us to believe President Donald John Trump is the **world’s worst player** at the game “Spot The Saboteur”.

“The leaks are real, the news is fake.”

When somebody asks you to believe Trump’s carefully handpicked guy is really out to cut his scalp off and hang it on his belt based on this anonymous source, doesn’t your bullshit detector go off even a little bit?

We went through this with Rosenstein. I had MONTHS of people telling me how MAD they were that Clueless Trump just couldn’t spot that grinning traitor at his elbow.

Even gave the guy that big thumbs up after the plane ride in Air Force One!

“Well I don’t care about your evidence. The Fake News media is telling me this guy is out to sandbag the President.”

Fake News media does not just exist on the Left. We have **plenty** of our own Fake News media here on the Right.

Here’s your clue Wray is Trump’s guy:

Look at how FAST Trump shows people the door the last 2 years either when the specific job he brought them in to do is done & it’s time for a new phase, or they turn out to be incompetent or working against him.

You think if Trump found out Wray was sandbagging him for real, he wouldn’t fire his ass in a heartbeat?

What the hell is the matter with you?

Trump does not keep traitors in key positions of power so they can thwart what he’s trying to do.

You can listen to the doom criers all you want to, but when are you going to wake up and realize the same siren songs they’ve been singing to you for years just don’t make any sense?

They still can’t come up with a coherent reason why Rosenstein got that heroes’ sendoff at DOJ.


Where was I?

Ah yes…spending 2 years saying we weren’t getting the real key documents in SpyGate until the investigations are completed.

Why was I saying that, anybody know?

I was saying that because…..

Can you handle the brutal truth?



Now Horowitz is finished. His draft report is now being given to AG William Barr and the FBI.

The declassification review will now commence. When it is finished, & subjects of the investigation have responded, the final report will be released.

All the FISA investigation documents & FISA warrants are the KEY EVIDENCE that Horowitz has been digging into, investigating where the fake evidence came from, who paid for the creation of that fake evidence, who proffered it to the FISC, what they say about why they did that…

Because this was the key evidence, it was not going to be made public until the investigation was concluded.

We weren’t even supposed to have the Carter Page FISA warrant in redacted form yet; we ended up with that early only because Wolfe leaked it to the NYT’s.

So two competing narratives have been dueling on SpyGate for over a year & a half at this point.

1) Key evidence held back because a MASSIVE COVER UP is underway & this means nobody is going to be held accountable

2) Investigations must conclude, then evidence can be public.

It’s not fun spending most of 2 years having people question your motives for explaining how the real world works and why they can’t have what they want right now.

Proponents of that 1) narrative say no real investigations were going on before Barr got there in February.

Keep that in mind when you see the evidence after it’s declassified.

I’ve said all along, there’s not going to be any question whatsoever once this all goes public which narrative was correct.


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This column went up last night.

Good timing, eh?

Like the wrath of God, he’s coming!

Inspector General Horowitz Is Coming
Commentary John Solomon of The Hill recently reported that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz has …

Horowitz will be able to exhaustively lay out in exhaustive detail exactly HOW top DOJ/FBI officials knowingly used FAKE EVIDENCE from Clinton/DNC political operatives to launch investigations of Trump’s campaign, including how they presented this fake evidence to the FISC.

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