“Rusty Shackleford” has been posting videos these last couple of days showing construction going on at Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous Little St. James Island.

Obviously, whoever Shackleford is (some suspect it might be John McAfee) wants us to see what he sees, and wants us to know something.

Here’s the latest, videotaped by drone yesterday and posted just moments ago (2:40pm ET)


This one was posted just three hours ago. New construction?


This video was posted yesterday.

What exactly is Shackleford looking for?  Looking at? Drawing our attention to? What IS really happening on the island? Evidence being destroyed? Proof of horrors being buried in concrete forever? Prepping the island for sale? (Too soon for that, I think.)

Who is Schackleford, really? Is it McAfee? Or is it Q, communicating with us in a seemingly oblique and yet obvious way?

Your thoughts?