As a former TV news reporter/anchor, and later, the host of my conservative talk radio program, I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people about various topics. Most of them were experts in their field or on the subject under discussion. So, I let them do the talking. After all, it’s why I invited them on the program in the first place, right?

As an interviewer, it was my job to ask the pertinent question, and let them tell the story through their answers.

So, it drives me crazy when I listen to hosts — in particular — Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity eat up precious airtime bloviating with endless commentary before they reach their question. And OMG, Bill O’Reilly was insufferable.

It’s as though they

a) need to show their guest and the audience how smart they are (Hannity)

b) haven’t prepared their question in advance and are floundering (Dobbs)

c) love the sound of their own voice (Ingraham)

d) all of the above

I have noticed that many of today’s amateur podcasters do the same thing. I won’t listen to them anymore. They seemingly NEVER get to the point in their soliloquy and just ask the damned question.  It’s maddening.

Why have on a guest if the host is going to do all the talking? Or interrupting? (Ingraham and her nasal intonation is famous for that).

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t watch them anymore, preferring to read about it, figuring that if the interview was THAT important, it will be discussed in other venues.

Anyone else get as exasperated as I do with these Chatty-Cathy “hosts?”