Victor Davis Hanson writes:

“He is also waging a 360-degree, 24/7 war against a corrupt media—an assessment that most in the past accepted but were too fearful of confronting. Before Trump, CNN, despite its overt biases, was still considered a legitimate news organization; after Trump it is little more than the airport lounge equivalent of Muzak.

Ditto the New York Times and the Washington Post. They are descending into tony blogs whose reason for being has been reduced to destroying Trump, a frenzy in which the Times stooped to anti-Semitism and recruiting racists to their editorial board to publishing fake news.”

“Is it any wonder, Trump, to his own occasional detriment, obsesses with “fake news” and believes that every minor tit requires a major Trump tat?

So far more wearisome than Trump’s tweets are three years of unethical and likely illegal attempts to remove an elected president, to so warp our culture that 90 percent of media coverage is anti-Trump and dozens of grandees in the entertainment, sports, and media industries have so often publicly wished to assassinate, beat up, or otherwise physically injure the president of the United States.

After all that, the strange thing is not that Trump can be occasionally wearisome, but that he is even still breathing.”