“Pow Pow” Joe Pientka – who is he? Why does he keep meeting with Bruce Ohr after the election in 2016?

George Webb tells us about the dirty “FBI” agent Pientka. Clue: “Nuclear Energy.”

NPT = Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

NPT= also means “Non Proliferation Trust,” the organization that Mike Flynn is texting “We’re good to go” as Trump is walking the red carpet to take his oath of office at the inauguration.



FBI Agent Pientka’s Cover Stories Trump Shootout Don’t Wash

“…what we’re focusing in on is bigger arms today, we’re focusing in on nuclear weapons being diverted…”

“…the key here is if we had the key person in our Trump take down also living on that base, Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, a part of this DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) infrastructure — which we’re gonna find out he (Joe Pientka) is, that would be a very good reason that you would want to be a part of the takedown of Trump.

“You don’t want anybody knowing how you’re diverting nuclear weapons from our nuclear arsenal…”


“All these people going to this Island, you know for this Path Foundation with Eric Braverman and the Duchess of York, it’s just a cover story for the planning and movement of nuclear materials…”

Who is the recipient of all the illicit movement of our nuclear infrastructure going on? On whose behalf?

The international Five Eyes consortium, mostly driven by MI6. Canada. But there’s a CIA hand in it too.

“…thank God Keith Kellogg the right-hand man of Mike Pence didn’t get the nomination for National Security Advisor– this new guy, name is Robert O’Brien — he was in the State Department in hostage negotiation — so hopefully he’s a good guy.

“We just need to catch a break. It does get a little tiring chasing weapons leaving Kirtland Air Force Base, going to Kazakhstan you know, and various other stashing and cashing places around the world…”

On the video:

00:09 The Loomis School, Town of Windsor. Prep school.

01:40 Yacht Kid compromise (Shumer & Weiner,Bill Clinton, Hilary). Compromise around people associated with weapons.

03:57 Iran Contra, Mena, training to get resources in South America. PB (Prescott Bush?) Success.

04:30 Cabell-Cabal. Wiseman Group. Bringing back Nazis for paperclip, and SS for intelligence.

05:49 Prince Andrew going to Epstein island, cover (path foundation). OCONUS lures. (OCONUS=Outside CONtinental US)

06:47 Five Eyes consortium.

07:24 Prince Andrew holding blackberry/comms device.

07:40 Epstein rape victims, cover story for the planning and moving of nuclear material.