I owe Martin Geddes a huge debt of gratitude for the work he has done in compiling reams of info about the Q military information war.  I reprint it here for YOU, my readers, in the hope you will follow and read  Geddes on Twitter and at his website. Please support his efforts.

More from Geddes:

“At the time of writing, the most recent drop is number Q3834. (NOTE: NOW AT Q3890])

So there’s a LOT more than just this short list of already epic scandals. This includes the stunning claim of a 16 year plan (Barack Obama plus Hillary Clinton) to destroy the American Republic forever. (Q570)

Now ask yourself:

Why is the mass media so desperate to paint the Q operation (aka “QAnon”) as a “fringe far-right conspiracy theory”?

Why do they refuse to discuss the true source of the Q drops, or ask the President about his relationship to the Q movement?

Is it credible that the President of the United States would allow his base and reputation to be tainted by hoaxers, when he could end it with one tweet?

I think you know the answer: the evidence is overwhelming that the QAnon operation is a product of the Trump administration’s military intelligence. The mass media is therefore openly deceiving and gaslighting the public.

There is a massive cover-up of global gangster government by a mafia media industry. How so? Criminals have been in control of journalism for decades via blackmail networks — such as that run by Jeffrey Epstein and his intelligence agency sponsors.

None of the above revelations have been investigated honestly by the mass media. Their scandalous lack of integrity — and impending crisis of legitimacy — is the biggest story in the history of journalism.

“In the last few days we have had a string of hit pieces on #QAnon published by the mass media. These include:

– What Happens When QAnon Seeps From the Web to the Offline World — New York Times (plus 8 tweets on the subject)

– ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory creeps into mainstream politics — Associated Press (and widely syndicated to outlets like Yahoo and PBS).

– Psychiatrist struck off for posting ‘bizarre’ QAnon conspiracy theories — The Guardian

For a “debunked”, “baseless”, and “sprawling” belief — that people in power might not have your best interest in mind — that’s a lot of coverage. Indeed, QAnon adherents remarkably manage to be simultaneously “fringe” and “mainstream”. Quite a feat!

If QAnon was a deranged cult-like doctrine, divorced from objective reality, then you might expect to find a significant number of ex-believers, help groups, and uplifting compassionate stories of rescue and recovery in the press. Their absence tells you something.

As always, none of these articles asks the obvious question: WHO is pushing these Q drops, and with what agenda? The failure to do basic journalism ought to be ringing alarm bells for even the most hardened skeptic. Something is not right here!

Instead of even-handed investigation and diligent search for truth, we instead get a torrent of slurs, diversions, and outright lies.

It ought to be a scandal that the New York Times would suggest dissent from their preferred narrative makes you a potential terrorist. So why would these media companies put out these flimsy hit pieces that open them up to future scorn and collapsed credibility?

One answer can be found in Q drop number 561 from January 2018.


It alleges that these media companies are effectively just paid contractors in a propaganda operation on behalf of a criminal shadow government. The “pack journalists” are all working from the same talking points, sent at 4am each day to private email addresses.

“… the Church Commission exposed the Mockingbird Media, and Obama legalised it by abolishing the Smith-Mundt act. The media industry is highly concentrated, and overwhelmingly allied to one narrative.

If the allegation of Q561 is true, then these mediacos are criminal organisations, even if many working for them may be innocent and honourable. Even if they wanted to, they cannot report honestly on QAnon because it exposes their employer’s own crimes to examination by the masses. This is not a difficult logic problem to unpick!

With the Russiagate failure, Spygate/FISAgate scandal, and collapse of the impeachment hoax, it won’t be long until the role of the media is under intense scrutiny. Sedition, racketeering, and advocating the overthrow of the government all come with severe penalties. This is not a game!

To really concentrate your mind on whether you are on the right side of history, I’d like you to consider this quote from the AP article on QAnon:

“Pizzagate and other far-right conspiracy theories have faded, but experts see no end in sight to QAnon’s popularity.”


It’s not news to many of us that paedosadists use codewords to communicate. Now I would like to offer you the following. I am warning you in advance this is going to be a “wake up!” slap in the face, and to stop reading if you’re feeling sensitive about it.