– Q

Martin Geddes has done a remarkable job of assembling and interpreting the messages in each of the Q drops. Q is a military information warfare strategy employed by fewer than ten people on the Trump team. I’m reprinting excerpts from Geddes’ twitter feed and blogsite for your convenience. Please support Geddes and follow his insightful writings.

VIDEO: Bob Saget’s camping pizza movie-another child star bites the dust

Geddes: “Why Is Child Rape Called Pizza? It is called thus because when the child rapist sodomizes the infant or child, the mix of blood and semen from a torn rectum looks like a tomato and mozzarella pizza topping. Look how Hollywood openly mocks the subject in the video above.

As Q tells us over and over, “these people are sick!”. Almost unbelievably, this is the milder end of the evil that has been uncovered.

These media companies are credibly alleged to be covering up serious organised crime and extremely violent acts against children. Are you really sure these organisations are innocent of these charges? Your conscience will sting if you make a mistake!

I would hate to have to explain my laxity to my own children down the road, if I had made the wrong call. Holding that in mind, this may be a good time to reflect:

– Have you done your homework on this subject thoroughly?

– How much of your worldview comes from these corrupt media companies?

– Is there sufficient evidence and motive at this point for you to take a pause to reconsider whether you are on the right side of history?

– What happens when people learn the TRUTH?

– What happens when people WAKE UP?

They will not be able to walk down the street.”



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