These vaccines could contain anything. I’m increasingly nervous about them. My apprehension began when I interviewed the late Dr. Jeff Bradstreet (on my WMMB Melbourne, FL radio show) about his research with the MMR vaccine on kids. He was a strong believer that it cause autism in some kids – especially little boys — whose immature digestive tracts/ bodies couldn’t withstand/tolerate the onslaught of the viruses and the preservatives that were in each inoculation. Within 24 hours the shit went into their brains, and it was all over but the drooling.

Evidently the BIG PHARMACEUTICAL companies didn’t want him talking about it because he was found a few years later floating in a North Carolina river with a bullet in his head.  “Suicide,” they said….
He isn’t the only one who has died mysteriously after coming out against the vaccines… hundreds more researchers, pediatricians and MDS have been “suicided.”
There’s LOT of $$$ in vaccines, holding the patents to vaccines, and selling them. Greedy people are involved, at the cost of a skyrocketing increase in autism, among other ailments and diseases.  Remember, they make money by keeping you sick… NOT by making you well.
Watch the nightly news and count how many pharmaceutical ads there are during the commercial breaks.  It is THE BIG advertising revenue for the TV “news” outlets. You think they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them by reporting the truth???
Ugh.  Just ugh.
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